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  1. caitlin

    Night talk: egg on the face

    face..nah inaeza haribu dem uso...mdomo not bad...
  2. caitlin

    Night talk: can you dry fry your cousin?

    meyn mafisi ni wengi..
  3. caitlin

    Single mums

    aiiiiii you guys have no idea what you are talking about...being a mum aint easy....especially wen its a single mother in question...its easy to say they should get married..but marriage isint a walk in the are just out of question...kazi imekua hit and run..they cant even...
  4. caitlin

    Paul kobia roughed up by railas bodyguards

    rumours are rumours untill confirmed
  5. caitlin

    Breaking news!!!

    dry fry ndo gani tena??chanua dada hapa..
  6. caitlin

    i agree do you??

  7. caitlin

    Thats what am talking about

  8. caitlin

    Why kim kardashian does not smile..

    not if u can prevent it..
  9. caitlin

    Poisoning behind Fidels Death

    kila msee ana story yake..and its none of anyones business..the guy is dead only the family knows the move on...
  10. caitlin

    wewe uko wapi? maji je...those of us who use water ..
  11. caitlin

    Raila turns 70

    heh 70 na ati alikua anasema ni kijana...hahaha
  12. caitlin

    Bibi ya fidel

    james uonekaniwe na mwaka mpya tafadhali...hyo ufisi apana
  13. caitlin

    France Terror attack

    muslims are a pain in the ass...wanafanya tu vitu za kuudhy...if only i was the president..
  14. caitlin

    Hahahaha..Wipes tears....

    Teacher:"Who is the President of Kenya?" Children:"RailaOdinga" Teacher:"Correct, and the Minister of Defence?" Children:" Anyang' Nyong'o" Teacher:"Correct. What is the capital city of Kenya?" Children:"kisumu" Teacher:"Very good, and who composed the National Anthem?" Children:"Size 8"...
  15. caitlin

    Teacher zoned pap!

  16. caitlin

    Ole lenku looses his father..

    its a bad start meyn for this year.
  17. caitlin

    wanaume yawa...

    "I told him to warm the food himself but instead he picked the petrol which was under the bed and poured it on me before rushing to open the gas and strike the match, and locked the house from outside shouting utakufa leo bibi mbaya (you will die today, you bad wife)."
  18. caitlin

    Woman trapped in ex husbands chimney..

    A 35-year-old woman had to be rescued after climbing naked down her estranged husband’s chimney in the middle of the night - and getting stuck fast. The enstranged woman took off her clothes in the hope it would help her fit down the 12-by-12 inch wide chimney. But halfway down she found she...
  19. caitlin

    Ole lenku looses his father..

    Former immediate Cabinet Secretary for Interior Joseph Ole Lenku today woke up to the sad news of the death of his father. Ole Lenku’s father died out of old age having clocked 107 years. President among other leaders took to the social media to condole the former Cabinet Secretary of his loss...
  20. caitlin

    Nakumatt to open 11 new branches

    Nakumatt holdings plans to open 14 new branches as part of ongoing expansion plan of its business in Kenya and Eastern Africa region in the next two years. Nakumatt's regional strategy and operations director Thiagarajan Ramamurthy says the company has set a target of growing its gross revenues...