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  1. bonito

    Guka's True Coming Out Hekaya: The Day I Ditched My g** Toyboy

    everyone here eventually:D
  2. bonito

    Word of the Day

    living in harmony with nature?
  3. bonito

    ni tabia gani huwa inakuuboo?

  4. bonito

    My Daily Atheist Meme

  5. bonito

    Have you ever noticed

    %proof=? 40,86,140?
  6. bonito

    I Am Now Curious - Hii Coomer Kwani Inakuwanga Na Nini???

    you would know...:D
  7. bonito

    I showed Pierra Makeina My Snake...

    that woman is criminally sexy:p
  8. bonito

    what do you do?

  9. bonito

    kuuliza sio ujinga,,,,,,#kweli ujinga unalipa

    lower middle-class always blames the economy.whatever the regime.Move to kitisuru now.:D
  10. bonito

    Am in total shit...Being Blackmailed

    stop with the CSI....forgive and go back to your wife
  11. bonito

    Better Late Night Poll: Clingy one night stand

    take a shit on the coffee table..she'll be at the bus-stop before you're done wiping :D
  12. bonito

    Bar of Soap for Sh37,500

    devolution? asked for it:cool:
  13. bonito

    Palmar Grasp Reflex

    google has no kids?:D:D
  14. bonito

    Kenya Best Employer

  15. bonito

    Local area connection problems

    format the IT guy:D
  16. bonito

    Car Body Works

    Vas Auto Centre Ltd. Londiani Road Off Likoni Road, Industrial Area Tel:+254-20-650283,650284
  17. bonito

    Mzee Putin does not mince his words

    your comment is not enough proof of your existence.
  18. bonito

    this syria thing

    Revelation please.?