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  1. spax

    Accident Alert: Salama

    Wow! I didn't know you can be a stalker, just kidding! I'm in Nakuru, got transferred. Thanks for the concern
  2. spax

    Accident Alert: Salama

    Thanks dear! I can see you are still informing the masses. Say hi to @admin and pass the memo to him.
  3. spax

    Accident Alert: Salama

    Oh No! Not again. @Meria Mata I'm back and I still remember our deal
  4. spax

    Navy seal dryfry artist/chaiman uncle uwes

    Some people will never change
  5. spax


    I will but i'm wearing a mini, mafisi here will salivate!!!
  6. spax

    Vita Kaleta Hasara

    Hizo area sijawahi zisikia, but hekaya is on point!!!
  7. spax

    Good Mourning Glory Sacco

    Tough, considering the weather is not friendly at all and thee?
  8. spax

    Good Mourning Glory Sacco

    Today you were fortunate enough to get the 'morning dose', lucky you!
  9. spax

    Horny Friday

    Aki wewe!!
  10. spax

    Good Mourning Glory Sacco

    Hi Luv @Tia Dalma
  11. spax

    Teke Teke Friday

    I love the dress
  12. spax

    Horny Friday

    @Female Perspective name and shame them. Open your inbox so that we can authenticate your allegations.
  13. spax

    Why Women Moan During Sex.

    Hi Luv
  14. spax

    Why Women Moan During Sex.

    No wonder we prefer jungus. Kenyan men are too lazy.
  15. spax

    URGENT: Calling All Elders

    You are true definition of an elder:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  17. spax

    New Years resolution for whatsapp.

    Last I heard @Mzee mzima was still a candidate. All the best and please do not copy.
  18. spax

    Hii sasa ni Madharau