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    hapo sawa #DAs

    Jimwat ameisha fashion.siku zake zilipita kitambo.
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    New H&M Slim fit Khakis @ 1,500.00

    what about massage?
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    watu lazima wa balehe :D
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    EmploymentOfDoom by one Adede Owalla NTV investigative journalist Dennis Okari , who prepared the investigative piece CertificatesOfDoom headed for greener pastures at BBC in April 2014 and as any other Journalist would dream , this was as great as it sound. Okari went to London presumably as...
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    1.5GB Safaricom Promotional Bundles Up for Grabs

    Inakaa unataka kulala ndani?
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    it's never too late

    some motivation to the business people out there..
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    hio naeza pata wapi hapa nairobi?
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    Hii january itaisha lini jameni, nimesota vibaya hadi weight napoteza.
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    Ruto kapatikana

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    Ruto kapatikana

    Ruto tried to claim that weston hotel does not belong to him, kumbe jamaa kajikaanga na mafuta yake yeye mwenyewe.Evidence has emerged from the internet that he is the owner.Ruto is filmed visiting the controversial Weston Hotel along Lang’ata Road by the Citizen TV crew, the video is on...
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    Night talk: what's the worst thing you've ever done while drunk

    worst thing ni kulala kwa hoteli, i'm a good boy
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    help wanted section

    To provide opportunities for members to help one another we need a place where members can highlight the help they need.
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    give relevant titles to villagers

    It would be good to give relevant members titles based on their competencies, perhaps we should have titles like, technology expert/chief village technologist, village business expert, village doctor, village lawyer, village engineer, village mechanic, these titles will identify competent...
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    Hang out, have fun in nai, suggestions..

    Kayaking sounds fun, must try this.
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    Bundles mwitu

    Safaricom has warned customers to watch out for people who are selling data bundles cheaply and asking the cash for payments to be sent to their personal numbers. If the seller receives your cash and does not deliver the data bundles, you will have a tough time recovering your money and usually...
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    Single mums

    This single mums epidemic is getting out of hand.Single mums everywhere and i blame it on the men, men just want to pump and dump.Ukienda place kama Umoja, the flats are full of single mothers, and it is this generation of children brought up by such that is causing chaos in the streets at...
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    pipiiiiiiiii wonder is officially here

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    Nani anatumia bambatv

    Looking forward to this.