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  1. Villain


    Wewe ndio umependa wamatha wa gichagi si mimi
  2. Villain


    Mbona si wewe?
  3. Villain

    Buying from Jumia

    Jumia ni bure kabisa I chose pick up point story zinaanza iko huko ukienda kuchukua hakuna
  4. Villain

    one child policy

    Ideally 3 but in reality it depends with finances.
  5. Villain

    RAO and a dead faith

    Upus Hakuna mwanasiasa asiye na unbinafsi.
  6. Villain


    3 pages of pure infatile tantrum and ati he's a soldier.
  7. Villain

    To all whose threads have been pulled down by mods

    Gross violation of the standards expected of a moderator.
  8. Villain

    Mega Fool

    Kenya>South Sudan> Sudan>Libya>Tunisia>May die hapo Mediterranean Sea.
  9. Villain

    Cooking with @Riva

    ??? Ndio kumaanisha
  10. Villain

    Cooking with @Riva

    Ambia cuisiner alete recipes
  11. Villain

    Cooking with @Riva

    Wacha ikae siwezi kula hiyo.
  12. Villain

    Licenced Gun owners

    Kwani private jet owners are supposed to be pilots?
  13. Villain

    Licenced Gun owners

    Ni kama dereva bila license hairuhusiwi
  14. Villain

    Spark Plugs

    Triniland Auto Spares Sukuma Wiki Building, Opposite Koinange Total Petrol Station, Race Course Rd, Nairobi, Kenya They sell at about 3800/ set
  15. Villain

    wafungwa wapokee neno, asante mwami

    Princess Elizabeth akiwa Treetops Hotel.
  16. Villain


    Na nimezika 2 classmates due to alcoholism.
  17. Villain

    What Foreigners Think About Africa

    How can we say America is ignorant yet it's that one country that is culturally diverse. Stereotyping is well part of humor and everybody does it. I think @M2Random is lying to stir up a debate.
  18. Villain

    Never Ever, Ata Kwa Dawa Siwes

    Unasema haiko secured na nyororo kwa hiyo something? Siwezi
  19. Villain

    Death sentence for My dress My choice manambas

    Kuna mtu wa boda alivushwa nguo na wenzake hadharani kisha kaoshwa.He later went to police and reported he has lost money and he's injured in that ordeal. Kujitoa hapo ni ngumu.
  20. Villain

    Changieni Hapa Tafasari

    Forced to be in a foreign system with unusual standards.Our forefathers were rich with land,livestock,wives