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  1. Shyguy

    Kamenuka Sasa

    Canon fodder.
  2. Shyguy

    Muslim and Development

    Once lived in Arusha. Reasons as to why its easier to make money in Arusha compared to Dar - the foreign community, pricipally UNICTR and the EAC. These organisations spend as well have staff that spend. - Arusha is a tourist hub so there are many businesses with back and forward linkages to the...
  3. Shyguy

    My IQ is 106

    Capondi still thinks you're a chimpanzee.
  4. Shyguy

    Ruto the most deceitful president ever?

    You guys have always admired museveni from a distance. Now you have your own. Seat down and enjoy the steal. Except you are the victims now
  5. Shyguy

    How to increase female libido?

    This albino chimpanzee should do the trick (and you can run with your imagination)
  6. Shyguy

    I am a grown man who still loves cartoons, am I OK

    TopCat is a cartoon that is definitely for adults. No way kids would understand the undertones. Love it.
  7. Shyguy

    Tutalamba matako ya mbemberu Hadi lini?

    You don't know what you are talking about. Nyamaza.
  8. Shyguy

    African gày wedding

    The bride is Sidindi Bey with his overused anus.
  9. Shyguy

    Huyu hatakagi ujinga.

    The Sidindi Bey Monologues:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Shyguy

    Obama & Bush to officially combine forces in one uniparty campaingn against Trump.

    Buttco still sucking trumps wiener I can see:rolleyes:
  11. Shyguy

    What's the worst decision you have ever made in your life?

    You already do. Google prebirth memories/between lives.
  12. Shyguy

    Eating Raw Foods Is The Secret To Good Health, Including Meats

    Although I wouldn't eat it willingly myself, I tend to agree with you. People have treated cancer by change of diet to fruit and raw vegetables - a vegetarian diet.The other part of raw fish up to a point. But I wouldn't eat raw meat, that's inviting a worm infestation or ecoli.
  13. Shyguy

    Eliud Kipchoge paid peanuts.

    The work which has gone into that 2 hour performance? Wacha tu!
  14. Shyguy

    Enyewe he is a shity God

    How about the 'advice' given to women in their periods.kindly QUOTE for us.
  15. Shyguy

    Enyewe he is a shity God

    Nothing. God gave you free will. By the time he leaves guys who murder people in their millions...certainly God can take an irreverent word or action. Forget these minions hoodwinked by religion.
  16. Shyguy

    Never Ever, Ata Kwa Dawa Siwes

    Had a similar experience and similarly not afraid. It was the Andrenalin rush that gave you the shakes!
  17. Shyguy

    I Didn't Know One Day Nitakula za Saddam Hussein, But Praise the Lord!

    All 18 million dollars of it?!:eek::eek::D:Djienjoy!
  18. Shyguy

    Old habits die hard.

    I too was a two pack a day chain smoker right and started right from form 1. If I quit, you can too. The only way to stop smoking is to stop putting cigarettes in your mouth. That is all.
  19. Shyguy

    W202 Immobiliser Issues.

    Away last Saturday for the funeral of a friend,I returned on late on Sunday. On trying to start the car the following morning I found the battery flat. My soon to be six year old daughter had apparently picked the key from where I keep it unlocked the car and spent time in it with the interior...