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    Checki Maneno......Name and shame this heartless woman

    LILLY ODERAH!! Jibu mashtaka na utubu!
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    I Lost My Girlfriend.

    Take heart @ombudsman it's important that you have family or a close friend close by. Grieving is a process that has its stages and what's key here is that it's perfectly ok to grieve as long as you want and feel the need to. People have different ways of coping but the best two as per my own...
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    National Power Interruption?

    powered back in Nyeri; 12.48p.m.
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    condom break

    and always ensure that the screwbar/ crowbar is deburred siongelei beforeHAND ya team do this
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    Of schools burning.

    I wouldn't say it's far-fetched, the twisted, convoluted logic Though gravely drastic, that could work, chances of things getting to that level though.....................
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    Jubilee Gov Pledge fulfilled: Phase 1 of Rironi-Uhuru Highway-JKIA Mega Highway Project starts

    used it Yesterday, and potholes are there and so is spot refilling over some areas. Let me clarify that GENERALLY the road is superb
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    Yes, it actually is.
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    Jubilee Gov Pledge fulfilled: Phase 1 of Rironi-Uhuru Highway-JKIA Mega Highway Project starts

    but the Nyeri - NRB (the A-2 stretch) by itself is a total disgrace for a road that should be in the category of NRB-NKU-ELD-MLB and the NRB bypasses, the stretch was done by Kirinyaga Construction, heard the Co. was blacklisted, didn't care to verify.
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    Jubilee Gov Pledge fulfilled: Phase 1 of Rironi-Uhuru Highway-JKIA Mega Highway Project starts

    I wouldn't even vouch for George Issaias Co. Ltd (ISACCO), travel the Nyeri Nyahururu road today, you will count potholes,why would you carry out spot repairs on a stretch of road re-tarmacked 3-4 years ago? Quality of workmanship.
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    Cooking With Gio: KTalk Tv Edition

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    Cooking With Gio: KTalk Tv Edition

    lengeni hii story, at the rate we goin' HAM on him, the mentions he's got,. atakuwa village sponsor by adverse posession
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    brINgit, kalamu kaisha wino aiseh
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    Space-Up Double Bed...

    good for that budget (read peasant) tented camp, kanyama roast mchana, dfhkm usiku
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    KTalk Lexicon

    wood/ morning wood/ woodie noun: Morning boner First use: klost Room 254 na guthombotha pia ziwekwe kwa thesaurus,
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    Loss of a team mafisi member

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    Don't Drink n Drive

    A similar thought crossed my mind earlier today (and before I came across this post), my family in the motz on the Nyahururu - Nyeri highway, I quite drunk and clocking 170kph at some point, in retrospect this afternoon I thought to myself - and asked my wife - wtf was I thinking doing that...
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    Baba security detail

    I bet the insurance provider will first take a long, hard sniff before repairing the windscreen then........not bother
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    Large Truck (Trailer) Driver Job Vacancy

    SSASPF detected
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    Nangoja Inganzeti ya leo

    venye @highschooler ameuliza
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    things we do when we are broke

    Campo nikiwa mono KCA_U in 2006 (bak then just KCA), new to the city, and had a bloody useless phone of course passed down to me, so I start saving towarrds my then dream phone (nokia 7250i) second hand nilikuwa nakindiwa 8k. used to live in mlango kubwa hostels zilikuwa karibu na St.Teresa...