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  1. Inthanite

    18+ Wardrobe Malfunction

    Freudian Slip
  2. Inthanite

    She's Praising The BETA Dude For Rescuing Her Post-Wall Status...

    Why do I get this feeling that that guy has recently come into some money ?
  3. Inthanite

    Southern Ontario dump 30,000 litres of milk

    Value Addition. They should process Cheese, etc which have longer shelf life and can be exported abroad.
  4. Inthanite

    Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden is in serious trouble

    Hakeem Jeffries will be the next US President Watch this space.
  5. Inthanite

    What is the market value of a 50ft by 100ft plot at Highpoint-Juja opposite side of JKUAT

    Yous should only Transact for that piece of Land with "Equity Bank"
  6. Inthanite

    2M Plot / Land Budget

    Thanks for the all the Advice. I can't handle farming
  7. Inthanite

    2M Plot / Land Budget

    Hello and happy new year. Advice: What's the best option for buying land with a 2m Budget? Option must have a title. Commercial/Rentals or Residential?
  8. Inthanite

    elders help

    Have you shown her your Payslip for her approval ?
  9. Inthanite

    Explicit Malaydini Tavern

    Looks like a place peop'e go to die.
  10. Inthanite

    Where did Stanley Githunguri get money to build Lilian Towers

    Stela Anguka was her Name if I remember correctly
  11. Inthanite

    Miguna blasts Ruto for introducing GMOs - hasla kwisha

    The Sword of Damocles ?
  12. Inthanite

    Earbuds review Wuod Ombare

    Hey, you forgot to include your affiliate links in the article
  13. Inthanite

    Baba The 6th! It's Now Official

    It good he has taken an "Early Lead" once again.
  14. Inthanite

    Peter Keneth

    Whats his game plan ? This Chap only surfaces during Elections
  15. Inthanite

    Ruto now allows GMOs

    And then they throw away those pigs, chicken and other animals. Ok ?
  16. Inthanite

    electronics business nairobi

    You want to sell the phones online and you are looking for a shop in CBD ? Look for a warehouse or sell from home.
  17. Inthanite

    Watu Mmenunua Kashamba or Any Such Property

    Smart move. I buy used cars and I also pull that move when doing my due diligence. It has saved me a couple of times from getting into a sticky situation.
  18. Inthanite

    the phone i used.............. in my more younger years

    I bought 5 of these used phones huko Sharjah back then. Kukujua nazo hapa I made a killing selling them. Oone unit I sold to an OCPD and we became very god friends.
  19. Inthanite

    wajuaji hii ni yenyu

    I think they can flood the forest with GMO bedbugs and na kila mtu huko at toka mbio. Akitoka ana rushwa ndani Tena. (Earlier post deleted by mistake.)