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    Hii ndio Mali Safi sawa!

    No tatoos
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    Kakamega airstrip unatoka kwa ndege unangojwa na nduthi.

    Murtaza Mohamed Airport Lagos. 5 metres from airport exit you find money changers and matatus. Not taxi, not nganya but zile Ford Transit zilikua zinabeba route ya Lungs lungs Inda. Yellow in colour and with rotten floor boards. You watch tarmac as you head to your hotel destination not...
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    The Foolish Simp Harry

    Huyu Mama's boy Ako na issues kibao. Confessions galore. Mara he had his ass kicked by his brother, mara he abused drugs and weed! It's impossible to tell what he will say next.
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    Ushawahi Penda Mtu Hadi You Need To Push Them Away?

    This is the greatest advise he will ever get in this kijiji or elsewhere. After she's gone and he is done with his philandering ways, atamtafuta amkose. Not really her but a semblance of her.
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    18+ DJ Bash wanawake ni mashetani..

    Ati celebrity. Kwani definition ya celebrity hapa Kenya huwa tofauti na Albania?
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    18+ SMASH ... or ... PASS..??

    That has been it's name since inception. Central Day Nursery. Nursery ya tao sounds funny. Back then it used to also cater for kids with 'special' needs and most kids would at some time wake up after the afternoon nap to find one half of their pair of shoes thrown over the fence to "casino...
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    18+ SMASH ... or ... PASS..??

    Hahahaha. Tafuta google realtime ujionee. There's also a very old nursery school called Central Day Nursery. Wengine tulianzia masomo hapo.
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    18+ SMASH ... or ... PASS..??

    Nope. There used to be the movie theater called Casino Cinema.
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    Asad Khan

    Idiots. That cannot be her
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    Murdered vip lanye

    Yes alafu Alikua anakaa sort of deranged. Sorry to say
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    Murdered vip lanye

    Didn't know she sold pu**y for a living. Used to be a waitress in a certain bar I used to frequent in ndenderu
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    Range Rover Just Like iPhone Is Just A Status Symbol With Dismal Performance

    The land cruiser is a 2015 model while the range Rover is new
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    Nope. He's not disputing science! From a height of 5.9 BMI stops making sense. You cannot call a man who's 5.9 weighing 94 kg obese, when he has less than 7% bodyfat with a bodybuilder physic.
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    Dry fry commander in chief paying 350m a year in child support

    Today the world's population has hit 8 billion, one billion more than eleven years ago. Nick Cannon amefanya ile ki tu