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  1. Dereva

    18+ Where can I get a prostitute in Matuu?

    Kuja hapa Ndalas nikupee Kavindu
  2. Dereva

    I feel used

    Lete namba yake, i can use the 20k
  3. Dereva

    Kenyan Vitambi menace

    99% of men above 45 years wako ivyo...and they'll live way past 70. I for one niko na kitambi and i don't want to live beyond 70 years
  4. Dereva

    Kenya Govt Still using equipment that belongs in the Museum

    Do we really need a government printer?
  5. Dereva

    18+ VIP club

    Nakunywa ya 200 kwa vaite
  6. Dereva

    The Gorgeous Alyce Kei

    Tiga maheni, she's from SA. Ravieloso
  7. Dereva

    Unforgiving wall - Nini Wacera

    Wa pole dancing ni Kaz
  8. Dereva

    Wtf? Zoomalians in key security dockets?

    Ni Wakuria si Wakikuyu boss
  9. Dereva

    Kinoti gets new govt job - Civil servants shouldn't be punished for being loyal to the govt of the day

    Both NPSC and PSC are employers, so it's up to the PSC to deploy him. The question is, where will he fit?
  10. Dereva

    Burnt Note

    Take it to KCB, being agents if the Central Bank, they will replace it
  11. Dereva


    Ndii kwanza atuambie ataenda east ama west?
  12. Dereva


    Just because of 25k
  13. Dereva

    Broke bitc$%s keep off.....

    You should just have left it there
  14. Dereva

    Solar eclipse,1978

    It was 1979
  15. Dereva

    Politics and Debt

    A colleague quit his job to contest at his rural home, so he was told by the so called 'electorate' huwezi chaguliwa huku kama huna bibi wa nyumbani. Apparently he had married from the "wrong tribe". He decided to marry the appropriate wife, sold his properties and drained his savings to...
  16. Dereva

    TBT Supreme (Court) Edition

    Kwetu kulikua NATCO
  17. Dereva

    It's not over yet NASA

    So, asipeane slices just because somebody lost an election?
  18. Dereva

    Tower crane operator

    Tiga mīaki muthee
  19. Dereva

    Nani next Kikuyu Don?

    I may not know who the next president will be, but he'l definitely not be a Kikuyu. During that five year hiatus, somebody will emerge. Don't be surprised, he may not be part of the political class we know now.
  20. Dereva

    I don't know my MCA

    Enda mahali ulipigia kura. Imebandkwa kwa ukuta. Kama hakuna, sue IEBC.