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  1. Davidee

    Inspired Prophecy in Roots and Culture

    Israel Vibrations in the song titled - Middle East foretold events that would happen in the future. Notice the words "Watch the Middle East, Its a third world slaughter heading to the west frontier" This is what is currently unfolding, the "too much doctrines too much opinion" in the middle...
  2. Davidee

    Wireshack & SS7 Flaw

    Hypothetically speaking 1. Mpesa attendant, always stationery 2. Device picks up strongest signal, my bts will be the strongest since it is near 3. Who takes note of which network id they're on, 99% don't take note, set an id that's phishy sofaricom , Everybody knows it's highly illegal, I...
  3. Davidee

    Cheki maneno: How to Not Get Hit by Cars

    The biggest improvement I made toward safety was getting a side mirror, it actually works.
  4. Davidee

    Wireshack & SS7 Flaw

    Make google your friend
  5. Davidee

    Wireshack & SS7 Flaw

    You need a software defined radio, use open bts to create your own base station, devices will auto connect to your base station, setup a simple proxy for all gsm traffic and try to look for patterns, since it's encrypted you might need to work with some rainbow tables, inbox me when you reach here.
  6. Davidee

    This is the Al-Shabab who slashed up 11 people at Ohio State University yesterday

    Now are we going to cower from reality and ignore the facts, it's clear that vain interpretation of their book is what's behind this, let's tell it like it is
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    Lions Den

    Siwesmind kukamua olive
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    This is the Al-Shabab who slashed up 11 people at Ohio State University yesterday

    Ndio nashindwa, the problem with Islam is that you like putting yourselves above everybody when it comes to holiness, with your super white robes and acting all pious praying five times a day before everyone's eyes, fasting x times a year. But the truth is your form of devotion is flawed, in...
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    Shamba shape up
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    Nini unasema
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    Brazil football team plane crashes

    Medellin cartel sio mchezo
  12. Davidee

    The Omusiga WA Rwenzururu (graphic )

    That king was stupid and did not understand the laws of power, only a fool would rise up against m7 without some allies. He should have gotten powerful allies.
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    Checki Maneno: Sad News

    Very sad indeed, there's always a risk to riding and all riders are aware of that. But I'd rather take that risk than live a sedentary lifestyle
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    Niaje @uncle nyap
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    End month

    Hio shimo haijaangi, wengi wamejaribu kuweka pesa zao huko hazikutosha
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    Dawa ya Deni ni kulipa
  17. Davidee

    BedBug Infestation - A Hekaya

    These things can really harass you
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    Accident alert: Fontanella

    he wanted to kill some time
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    Wanawake hawawezi ishi kwa amani, wewe kujiingiza kwa shida zao ni kujikosea heshma