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  1. Wakahare

    China Ndogo

    Mbona hamjaweka woofer ya sayona. ?
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    How cums SSD drives are these cheap?

    Google what the name 'generic' means it's another name for 'fake'
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    Kijiji moving to a better UI as from Kesho!

    Alaf can you promote me to the next level after village elder nimekawaia Sana kwa elder mdau
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    Kijiji moving to a better UI as from Kesho!

    Usiguse bookmark tafadhali we all have archived some important links
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    Where can i buy genuine TCL Tv (55inch)

    Sawa mbillionare
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    Where can i buy genuine TCL Tv (55inch)

    Unabishana n I even told you where they get them from umeenda ukaangalia hapo ?
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    Where can i buy genuine TCL Tv (55inch)

    Hawa pia wanachukuanga luthuli shop Fulani inaitwa Hirshabelle alafu wanagonga online shoppers very good brokers those ones
  8. Wakahare

    Builders Warehouse Karen set to close

    This fuckers were very quiet when konyangi was killing keroche and the likes of African spirits now the ball is on the other side and they know keroche will thrive wameanza kulia ,wapipinywe
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    Kentex Cargo Maths.

    @Axelrod kuja hapa usaidie wanakijiji
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    Laptop repair

    Wezi hao don't dare I have been there b4 n I regret .
  11. Wakahare

    Twigs Foods (investment)

    It smelled like a scam from day one ..
  12. Wakahare

    Watu Wamecatch

    Is those employees waanze another social app that can beat Twitter and the likes of Facebook .
  13. Wakahare

    Somali camel herders now invade Meru kill a person

    Looks like they will colonize us someday for the second time
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    Which HR firm employs for QuickMart Supermarket?

    Pia Mimi siwez mind kuunganishwa hata Kama ni ya kufagia.
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    WIN 11 Pro Activation

    2019 this will be of help asande Sanaa
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    WIN 11 Pro Activation

    Can you post a crack for office mine can't activate and am having limited access.
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    Watu wa mjengo saidia apa tafasali

    @Randy you have a missed call
  18. Wakahare

    Twigs Foods (investment)

    Very Good analysis issa con game