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    Alchemist was given enough advise and cancelling by villagers. I don't think he could take his life after those efforts.
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    Ubiquiti Power Beam

    Those Nano Beams M5-400 will work for you and on that distance. However they are point to point or point to Multipoint radios, so Line of Site is a must. However if you are operating on a free frequency you may experience some interference but on licenced frequencies they are just fine. You...
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    I`m Not A Tribalist.. Promise!.. How do you measure up?

    You must have enjoyed good gals from those many places according to the thesises of the hekaya. However tell us something small about the gals from where you come from
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    Ladies wako na hii ufaraga. why did she have to come to your place in the first place in that state.
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    My President

    At least the President and the DP has given kenyans a break from daily insults in the last 4 months. The two seem like totally new people all over a certain with sweet talks and promises all over. This world is full of wonders.
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    Quack Receives A Heros Welcome Back Home

    that is a good example of what is happening even at national level. Economic rapists are being celebrated. Hooligans runs parliament, promoting tribalism to survive.
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    matusi ya ukweli kutoka kwa Ruto

    William Ruto is the only politician now with abusive language after Moses Kuria and Kimani Ngunjiri improved theirs.
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    NTSA: Leaked memo

    The late JOHN MICHUKI managed to bring sobriety to the PSV sector alone. Today we have The CS, NTSA, The Police and yet road accidents are claiming innocent lives everyday. This is purely fruits of corruption.
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    Apology ya Muraguri

    the fact is that the Jubilee government which i gave my one vote in 2013 is eating its own wananchi and the best option is not the Jubilee government but anything else, period.
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    Who is funding that al shabaab and why can't their funding source be neutralized. You will be surprised to discover that some of those funding are right in Kenya. You will also be surprised to note that some people from a certain religion are celebrating quietly. The government should stand...
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    The day i almost went to jail over pu**y.

    Some five years ago i went out with a lady friend who was trying their luck to bf me. We drunk ourselves silly and ended up at mine at 3am. At that time, drunk and with low Mbs in my upper head, I did what most of you want to hear (Mbicha hakuna). After i did the necessary, the lady wake up...
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    Taru Update

    Expansion? may be another government not this one. It started well but has spoiled everything through escalating corruption.
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    Cape Verde Vs Kenya on Kodi

    The way the whole sarakasi was done, Sam must have pocketed a few dollars form the host country to jeopadize the travel arrangement of the H. Stars. This was well planned from to make them exhausted by the time the reach west africa. How can guys be put on a fokker surely, a propeller plane to...
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    Male -Late 30s Seeking Female 28-40 yrs..For friendship/Maybe More..

    wrong forum, peleka facebook u will get more than necessary,