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    Museveni son offers to come protect Uhuru's Northlands with 200 ugandan troops

    Jamaa huwa ametamani Westlands kapsaa..hata Karen hataki
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    Kedong ranch

    Hustler vs dynasty narrative being materialized.
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    Ruto Ni Mkali Sio Kama Uhuru & Other Funny Stories

    And yet a welder as he is he has the entire government machinery in hostage.... in the coming days it will be interesting to see who will blink first
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    Kamelon ready for combat

    Bullet proof vest. Pia jsk alikua anazivaa wakati ule
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    Hii mzee ya maandamano; The father (BABA) of violence.

    Raira knows how to redeem himself
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    Son Of Ugandan President Vows To Send Ugandan Troops To Defend Moscow

    Recently mseveni has been showing allegiance to the East
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    Ruto Ni Mkali Sio Kama Uhuru & Other Funny Stories

    Uyo jamaa is either he knows something or has something against the government. I have not seen a country where leader of opposition threatens the president, deputy president and inspector general of police. Moi ndio alijaribu kiasi akamweka ndani, kibaki na Uhuru waliavoid that route and now ruto
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    Hasla and Kachagua invite Raila for Handshake

    The best way ruto angedeal na raila is at least show signs that he is different from Uhuru Regime and at least things are getting better. But if you promise heaven to raia and immidiately you get power the situation worsen what do you expect? The other week akasimama kwa church akasema stima...
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    Hasla and Kachagua invite Raila for Handshake

    I like your tone...
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    biden has hands firmly up arrors behind

    Injectable PREP is currently in the country. One shot after three months. Piloting county is mbita in homabay then it will be rolled out across the country
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    Jagathi told shut up

    He is a liability...soon he will be thrown under the bus
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    63B bank dividends

    Some are just lucky
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    Hapa nakubaliana na wewe, but on the flip side the country was on a free fall.we were not in a condition to conduct another election at that time
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    Hasla and Kachagua invite Raila for Handshake

    Stages of grief Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance
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    Hasla and Kachagua invite Raila for Handshake

    @ranny @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina walisema ruto si Uhuru. Am surprised some people are caving in so fast....kiburi na madharau itaisha, zakayo lazma ashuke
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    Yaani kuna watu property zao zikiguzwa embassies swing into action

    @ranny @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina believe Chris coons was here to lecture raira and Uhuru about democracy
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    Ruto fires Dr Njoroge as CBK Governor, a Kikuyu, To be replaced by a Kalenjinga

    Riggy allocation yake ni kuiba kondoo za mama ngina. It's not a secret mudavadi is the defacto deputy president. Key dockets inaponyoka mdogo mdogo mking'ang'ana hapo kubishana na wajaluo who have nothing to loose anyway. If am not wrong sister ya murkomen was recently assigned there
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    Zakayo ashuke chini