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  1. kijanamrefu

    Kenyan artists are just dumb. Case in point jaruo khaligraph

    Yes, in this era, the video makes the song. Think of a good video as an advert for a musicians entire cache of merchandise. From the music itself to potentially fashion, acting, products etc. Moreso in this digital first era. More people watch than listen.
  2. kijanamrefu

    Capturing and grilling whole crocodile

    It's very gamey and ammonia smelling/tasting, with texture like chicken
  3. kijanamrefu

    That one time Ruto went to Florida with his architect and told him "nijengee kama ile Sugoi"

    Hehehe. Sasa watu wanaishi Mombasa wasikunywe pombe?
  4. kijanamrefu

    Kericho Residents Burn Tea Picking Machines

    Zim failed because they got sanctioned. The same market the mzunguz held denied the locals a supply. At the time, native Zimbabweans were some of the most educated and exposed groups of Africans. If you read kidogo your history, utaelewa. But the mzungu grabbed the land originally? Maybe ask...
  5. kijanamrefu

    BETWAY closed down

    Is Shabiki a big player kwa hizi kampuni za betting? @Touchlyrics
  6. kijanamrefu

    i have made a discovery

    :D:DThis is extremely fucked up. Kumbe ni wewe, psycho bitch.
  7. kijanamrefu

    US embassy increases visa application fees to Sh 25,000

    Very strange. Did Cornell write to them?
  8. kijanamrefu

    Sanaipei Tande- Hamna huruma?

    :DGhasia, umekuwa ukinifuata? Anyway, nimekumiss pia.
  9. kijanamrefu

    Sanaipei Tande- Hamna huruma?

    She's free to live her life beyond our impositions.
  10. kijanamrefu

    Who is the lucky birrionaire in this sunguch's speed dial?

    Hehehe. Sorry for bursting your bubble. But I said you're within your constitutional rights to fantasize about a twice married politician in make-up.
  11. kijanamrefu

    I Hate Politics.

  12. kijanamrefu

    Who is the lucky birrionaire in this sunguch's speed dial?

    The whole face is make-up. Look at the shade difference between her hands and face in any pic you have. Eyebrows pia ni za kuchorwa. Lips are obvious.
  13. kijanamrefu

    Who is the lucky birrionaire in this sunguch's speed dial?

    You're looking at make up and filling the rest with your imagination then building a fantasy in your head. The constitution allows for this and you're within your rights:D
  14. kijanamrefu

    Explicit Nakuru

    Hehehe. Kaka, sirkal yote ya leo iko n shida ya b, p, t, d na th. Bado wanadinyana.
  15. kijanamrefu

    Explicit Nakuru

    Have you tried walking in and talking to her?