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  1. LISPY

    Am mourning

    Mutyo missing. Pole, I can imagine the pain of loosing a young child.
  2. LISPY

    More diesel power plants lose business @Lipsy

    I like Jubilee's strategic step by step solution of things. The big issue at hand was the high electricity bills.So in 2013/14 the assessment of energy sources concluded that the thermal(diesel&gas) power generators were costly and hyros,wind,geothermals cheaper. Thus the geothermal...
  3. LISPY

    So You Want to Secede? Tapatane kwa Debe

    Hawa wenye karibu wakufe njaa vile walifunga barabara ya Kericho,Eldoret na Kisii juzi vile walianza rabsha ndio wanadhani watasurvive pekee yao as a country?!!
  4. LISPY

    George Soros 101

    Hehehe....wakidemonstrate after elections walifunga barabara za kuenda Kisii,Kericho and Eldorey.The fuckers nearly starved.Infact njaa ndio ilifanya wastop hizo fracas
  5. LISPY

    Sounds valid...

    Research has shown that men who talk to other women about their marital problems do not have any marital problems and are not looking for a shoulder to lean on. They are looking for sympathy sex.
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    18+ What the?!!!

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    Few Nasa supporters
  8. LISPY

    The clouds have fallen

    Meru?Was there last week and will be there tomorrow
  9. LISPY

    Drowning Monday blues

    Tulisema mambo ya kuoa bibi mkamba ni tricky.Tumechoka na kusikia vilio ya wanaume hapa juu ya mabibi kunguru.
  10. LISPY

    He he he he he! Huyu Fazul Na Yeye Jo!

    First things first....have they complied to the law?Any other explanation is hogwash
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    Aiyayayaya......pole kwa msiba uliokupata.I have a lady colleague(kao) of almost same situation.Marrued early,husi of a less paying job.Amegawiana ofisi mpaka tunahurumia sana bwanake. Yet nyumba na gari ni za bwana(inherited)
  12. LISPY

    Raila Rally in Kibera

    For undercover purposes,police these days even dress like manamba.Ask anybody who has details of the flush mungiki operation.
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    Bomet na Kericho tunaendelea kuchuna chai....bonus lazima iingie box mzuri
  14. LISPY

    Expect an Influential Guy to Malaysia before 8/8

    Nitapigia Sonko na Generali then by 10 will be off to Bomet niangalilie mambo kwa TV
  15. LISPY

    indian cuisines

    Hydrabad Chicken biryani,chicken kadhai, Lady fingers.....I hate the paneer...buttered naan,veg fried rice......dessert....kulfi....drink...sweet lime soda. Been to nearly all the states in India,atleast 15 trips or so and I love Indian food. Of all countries I have been, I have had it easiest...
  16. LISPY

    NASA Propaganda on the Overdrive

    NASWARITES be like.....
  17. LISPY

    NASA Propaganda on the Overdrive

    Ushawahi kusikia kitu inaitwa kupigia mbuzi guitar?They made up their mind na hawataki kusikia sense at all.
  18. LISPY

    yellow fever vaccine; saidieni priss...

    3nda cityhall...but inform them of your travel date for backdating incase your flight is sooner
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    What the?!!!

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    Those were fake stories...ati Jaguar hearse.....Gold, bulletproof coffin!!!!