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    Saidieni Ngimanene

    Is bestiality illegal in Kenya?, Whats the difference between you and the TUK uni maliars that were caught on camera fucking dogs at the Coast?
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    sure cd's

    Sad, this village misleads sometimes, forget about threshold things,, kutomba si vita,, condoms do not burst just like that.
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    Just a humble inquiry

    I was reminding you what you might possibly be ,,,, kikikiki @Ka-Buda style
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    Just a humble inquiry

    thong THôNG/ noun noun: thong; plural noun: thongs 1. a narrow strip of leather or other material, used especially as a fastening or as the lash of a whip. synonyms: strip, band, cord, string, lash, tie, belt, strap, tape, rope, tether "leather thongs fastened to the quiver" 2. an item of...
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    Watu Mmenunua Kashamba or Any Such Property

    Usually the 10% should be deposited in an escrow account held jointly by the seller's and the buyer's lawyers,, this is mostly if the amounts involved are substantial. This makes it easy for you to get your money back, in case the search process proofs otherwise, there is also a document...
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    Pesa sio yangu kwa equity bank

    Ntomere the Till Number, ASAP, kikiki
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    Kumegewa Pie

    Sometimes let's get real, at one time your wife will also feel the need to try something new, I refuse to convince myself that someone will be faithful to you for 20 years, not in the modern society, we attend office parties and corporate events and a lot goes down. So the decision not to...
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    Pesa sio yangu kwa equity bank

    Happened to me a while back, I had gone to withdraw cash and when checking the balance it was way more than what I expected it to be, of course I withdrew all of it again. Later, they posted a negative balance for the account but I was not worried, this was a savings account and not a current...
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    PENG TING, Nancy Mwai

    Sometimes this you call I don't know beautiful, Sijui gorgeous, eti voluptuous is just that. There is no correlation between looks, body morphology and the sweetness or tightness of pu**y. Sura na figure ni ya kusafisha macho
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    Kisii Divas - It's a mellow Furahiday

    @abunuwasi boss all the above songs are dope, Mwanyagetinge tuko juu
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    Raila Rally in Kibera

    Orengo's call to their supporters to shun NTV should have come at the Mathare address, now it's total black out to them on mainstream media. Social media now maybe used to peddle more falsehoods, Matiang'i should be on the look out. I hope mainstream media will still continue to cover them...
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    Raila Rally in Kibera

    Now this is going south, all these leaders here are Luos,, Why are they secluding this community?.
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    The kisii factor....

    The old folks are recruited by the provincial administration, the lowest rank being the village elders who are appointed by the Asst. Chiefs. There is a lapse where you come from
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    The kisii factor....

    I am Kisii, I knew Raila will have an uphill task in Nyamira, this is because truth of the matter is Governor Nyagarama performed dismally and to add insult to injury the ODM primaries were a sham, secondly, the IDP's token which was issued to the Kisiis most of them being from Nyamira must...
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    Presidential Results: Official Thread.

    They have just conceded, in so many words. Let Jubilee supporters celebrate, normalcy will return albeit slowly, especially to diehard Nasa supporters, there leaders are not leading them well as they grief
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    Presidential Results: Official Thread.

    Orengo's speech is defeatist and inciteful, my opinion
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    Official Tallying Thread

    God forgive me, but at times like this, we will understand if the military decides to intervene. We need to live our normal lifes.
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    General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

    Am waiting for Passaris to declare that her votes were stolen so that I confirm what Sifuna and Kidero have said.
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    Official Tallying Thread

    In all honesty, Kenyans did their civic duty yesterday. If they have watertight evidence, let them proceed to the Supreme Court, otherwise ths is reactionally. They should have sealed these rigging loopholes beforehand,,,,, aaargh