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  1. Sina Tabu

    tight suits

    The trendiest fad is back to oversize clothes which looks as bad as tight ones. Comfy and moderate size that is not hugging will always have a place.
  2. Sina Tabu

    Animals sense of smell is unbelievable

    A dog also stores people's scent to identify them without seeing them first. It smells an intruder from distance.
  3. Sina Tabu

    Weed Cookies

    Let me say that to prep it's not hard. The main ingredient is infusing THC to the ingredient. To get it out of weed it needs high heat that's why smoking is the obvious method. Anyways for baking you need to heat cooking oil or butter and add the weed and let it fry at high heat and seave. The...
  4. Sina Tabu

    Weed Cookies

    Cookies take a long time to take effect but when it hits you will be confused af. Reason being the digestion and absorption take time, took three first time instead of half, wueh! Usiku mrefu, good thing I know how to control my self and slept. I have heard horror stories. Take one cookie in one...
  5. Sina Tabu

    Haney vs Lomachenko

    Do you have a livestream link? Haney has more to lose and prove
  6. Sina Tabu

    What I have learned from Duale Book

    100,000 copies x 3000, not bad whatever overheads.
  7. Sina Tabu

    Movies to watch.

    This is a good one in many ways.
  8. Sina Tabu


    I think any seller will agree a bank deposit.
  9. Sina Tabu

    Forex Trading bots scams

    Who knows exactly what these scammers are selling I know one who was scammed and another one I saved from losing 50k. I know little about Forex but I can code.
  10. Sina Tabu

    iwe huru

    It's a pity someone poor being jailed for a long time for such.
  11. Sina Tabu

    Kindly recommend an alternative laptop

    I like my zenbook but will be moving to a macbook soon. They have really improved on performance based on the reviews and the cost is not that much if your laptop is 16gb ram and an i7 processor.
  12. Sina Tabu

    Why are churches tax exempt

    But there should be transparency on income and expenditure to the public. The stupid pastor has millions in cash deposits he should atleast share with the taxman.
  13. Sina Tabu

    How to get rid of cockroach menace

    Boric acid, it's some cheap powder chemical. Nothing beats that.
  14. Sina Tabu

    How much would it cost to build such a house?

    From 15m you can get same or similar.
  15. Sina Tabu

    How I burned Down two Hostels In University

    A Gotham villain vibe.
  16. Sina Tabu

    Origin Of Various Sheng Words & Their Meanings

    Waiting for kanono firVictorian Sheng gems
  17. Sina Tabu

    Uuuuuuui Kuja haraka

    I watched it for a few seconds nikaona ntakua mmama.
  18. Sina Tabu

    Mattress Recommendation.

    Don't buy Dr mattress bed but their mattresses are awesome. Someone who has never laid on one the first night wueh.
  19. Sina Tabu

    Jobs that will soon be replaced by AI

    Artificial intelligence has 'intelligence' in it. It doesn't make anyone good at anything first. You get better at what you are already in terms of productivity and need of a human assistant. Hio swali yako sijui inaelekwa aje.