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    Man who 'accidentally tripped and penetrated' girl cleared of rape!

    "A saudi millionaire" That's all the judge needed and he knew the verdict.
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    Alien Mother Ship Surveilling The International Space Station

    Well then... Hii process ya kutoa articles zote itatake up a whole day. But wacha tusummarize. Over here, we have that rocket hiting a dome thingy I talked about. And here's one that's fun to watch But, what if we ditch the flat earth stance, could an astronaut/space aircraft survive in...
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    Toyota Camry 2018 what you think...

    Isn't Lexus Toyota?
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    uptown tao

    Keti hapa tafadhali
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    Boy, I hit it

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    18+ pink handles

  7. Manu55

    Ever seen a train with a manual transmission?

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    Just got back from the tuner...

    Mnaenda sangapi? nitoe Probox kwa hibernation
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    First Thread (NV alert)

    And a Bi-sexual is a purple handle right?
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    First Thread (NV alert)

    New her myself may I ask what is a pink, blue handle?
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    First Thread (NV alert)

    Ka chini uko nyuma.
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    ferry on the way

    Nice to see lakini hii music ya shetani
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    Howcome, why are they retaliating?
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    If I was president for a month

    Today its called maneuver warfare, but the concept is essentially the same. Hit hard, hit fast, keep them off balance and reactive, maintain the initiative and attack at the time and place of your choosing. The toys may have changed, but the concept isn't all that different from what the...
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    Boss how many times will you reply to yourself:D