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  1. Willywonka

    To all the homophobes on Ktalk

    Toka kwa kabati, acha kukaa ki Luther vandross.
  2. Willywonka

    Marriage is a scam mah

    King David and king Solomon had the same weaknes and they were under God's radar
  3. Willywonka

    Donald trump' and Raila Odinga are all victims of the deep state

    Donald trump' and Raila Odinga are all victims of the deep state... Raila has never been in the same page with the Kenya power dealers. Likewise trump on his first term tampered with the CIA and they destroyed him politically, my perspective, if any politician is well aquitted who comprises the...
  4. Willywonka

    Is there a possibility of a revolution in Kenya?

    With the current political and economic intrigues happening in the country and people are feeling cheated will jsks last ten years? It's obvious alot of people are regretting voting these two bonobos in power, Uhuru did well fairly good jambas is doing bad. And he will end up worse, ameshindwa...
  5. Willywonka

    All Jesus rejectors end up in hell...we are all fallen

    We are all fallen creatures God understands. We all all fornicators, adulterers drunkards, tribalists, racists, mean, liars, but all these sins are washed clean by the blood of Jesus at the cross by accepting his offer of forgiveness by faith because without the remission of blood there is no...
  6. Willywonka

    Marriage is a scam mah

    King David and king Solomon had the same weakness hating God and denying God is the worst thing a mortal can do
  7. Willywonka

    Women open why do you resent your husband's

    I'm talking from experience, and what I hear from my besties, those women I get cozy with from time to time, they are very prone marriage but deeply resent their husbands. Irony of women. Reality most husbands are just providers with little sexual attraction to their wives... I tell you the more...
  8. Willywonka

    Marriage is a scam mah

    From my own experience I f**k people's wives four women with little to no financial obligations make Me fear marriage, I don't believe in karma but if it's real karma is very selective it does not apply to everyone. How can we bachelor f**k a well to do people wives with zero financial...
  9. Willywonka

    To all Jesus and Bible haters in this platform go f**k yourselves

    That clique that does not love Jesus Christ and the Bible and they have deep resentment for God and anything God affiliated go f**k yourselves. Bonoboism is atheism. It is stupidity sugarcoated as wisdom. Besides God there is no knowledge
  10. Willywonka

    Worst Response ever! Fear women

    Simp worse you are a foster father to her daughter ohh
  11. Willywonka

    Kisii have done it again

    Masculinity, does not allow foster fatherhood it's nature look at the animal kingdom especially lions.
  12. Willywonka

    The real wheeler dealers in Kenya Kwanza are Kalenjins Kikuyus ni wapenzi watazamaji

    As Seth panyako puts it, majority shareholders in Kenya Kwanza government are Kalenjins, kanu is re incarnated here. Dark times ahead mattes economy, these are not reformers... Just eating and eating. Anyway to you central brothers are you regretting jsks
  13. Willywonka

    Ruto, Rigathi and Njenga; a convergence of history

    Seems this was a divide and rule moi modus operandi to raise kiuiks gang against there own moi was evil if there is hell that is his dwelling place
  14. Willywonka

    Polite advice.

    Leave now because the worse is coming, gaslighting is a sign of philandering, there is a third party involved women don't gaslight for nothing....
  15. Willywonka

    The modern marriage is open relationship

    Exclusive relationships among mortals is a myth it's reality that exclusive reality is reserved for God alone. All relationships are open by my observation. Under thorough scrutiny relationships are open nothing like closed relationships. It's what has been human nature all along it's just that...
  16. Willywonka


    Premonitions mend your ways you are about to meet your Maker are u ready?
  17. Willywonka

    Why does gachagua fear maina njenga.

    Seems there is a deep seated political grudge between maina njenga and Rigathi gachagua, is it supremacy battle or there is more than meets the eye.. Anybody in the know, why is the DP after maina njenga.
  18. Willywonka

    A fool has said in his heart there is no God

    Only a fool is veiled to the reality of a creator. There is a God in heaven there is a creator behind the genesis of existence of everything nothing comes from nothing as atheist put it. There is heaven and also there is hell where majority end's redpill reality
  19. Willywonka

    Male female relationships

    Platonic friends is for orbiters those they manipulate to get favors without reciprocating with sex
  20. Willywonka

    Mazinga ombwe

    Manipulation from an alpha psychopaths..