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  1. okamau

    Facebook wifi

    But given Kenyans love free/cheap things/bandwagons...
  2. okamau

    live stream sites for premier league

    Kama unatumia PC tafta app inaitwa kodi. You will need to do some customization to enhance features zake but kama ni kustream movies, live tv, series and all that, it works. Na tafasari, use a fast connection, preferably unlimited.
  3. okamau

    Hotwav V20 smartphone

    A shady pal from work got this phone and the first thing that caught my eye was the dual camera setup. That and him lying to my face that it was an Oppo! Alas it was not, and me thinks the dual camera setup is just for show. I can't think of any practical way they have used it.
  4. okamau

    Nokia 8 VS OnePlus 5

    Here I will go with the One Plus 5. I stand to be corrected but I think the only area Nokia wins is in the use of stock Android and possibly faster access to newer updates.
  5. okamau

    Facebook wifi

    Do Google and Facebook pose a threat to Kenyan ISPs via The project loon initiative and Express internet? links
  6. okamau

    wife wa wenyewe

    Ukijipata mahali chini ya bed fungua Chrome yako utafute site ya gazeti uanze kusoma