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  1. Mama Mboga

    Of Castrated Democracy and Impotent Freedoms

    Sasa nitaeleza aje wamama wa soko hii maneno. In ingrish prease!
  2. Mama Mboga

    Cessation : Watu wakule kwao

    The rift has food, cash crops, oil and water, Kirinyaga Kenyaland is the economic engine of the country with business, food and light industry, NE has always wanted to be in Somalia so lets just give them that and Joho can finally reap all the port and offshore oil and gas monies. What is...
  3. Mama Mboga

    NASA Cloud: Fact or Fiction

    @dingoo_wa_ingoo , they had the choice of collecting data at source, whether from the polling stations or the constituency tallying centre and using those figures as their evidence against IEBC.
  4. Mama Mboga


    The tussle between TJ and Jaramogi went this way. After Lancaster, TJ became the darling of the west. So much so that some in those quarters thought that TJ would make a great head of state. In comes Jaramogi with his new proclaimation, "No independence without Kenyatta". Note, this proclamation...
  5. Mama Mboga


    The public execution of TJ seem to be a means of sending a message 'kwake na wengine kama hao'. You don't shoot someone on then Government Road in broad daylight unless you are making a point. Very few individuals had the means to procure such an execution in 1969 so for now we can eliminate the...
  6. Mama Mboga

    NASA Cloud: Fact or Fiction

    Their over reliance on IEBC forms points to it being more of fiction than fact. So where did they get their numbers from?
  7. Mama Mboga

    NASA Petition

    Many forms of payment... nimeshika!
  8. Mama Mboga

    NASA Cloud: Fact or Fiction

    Hii NASA Cloud, does it exist?
  9. Mama Mboga

    NASA Petition

    In this matter, I expect NASWA to be thoroughly embarrassed. In processes of gigantic proportions such as a general election, its easier to get the whole process revoked due to a technicality. That is why the issues addressed in their petition are predominantly electoral procedure matters...
  10. Mama Mboga

    Maina Kiai Akombed.

    When your activities land you in the realm of 'person of interest', hata Busia hautavuka bila clearance.
  11. Mama Mboga

    Presidential Petition lawyers

    Where is George Oraro? Naona fee note ya last time bado haijalipwa.
  12. Mama Mboga

    Is kenya's internet fast than the US?

    Was in New York and was using Verizon FIOS (Zuku yao) at homr. Hiyo Internet ilikuwa down. Hata ya simu TMobile ilikuwa tu down sana. Free hotspots are not as universal as they are huku kwetu. My experience is that we have way better internet. Was there for an extended stay (few months).