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  1. Nyamgondho

    Kimeumana! Hesgoal site owner jailed for 30 years

    Shocks is one of the oldest talkers on Kenyan forums atakupea jibu yoyote.. lazma anakaribia 60 years.
  2. Nyamgondho

    Multihandlers in ktalk

    This is not a fair assessment. The power I exercise here on KTALK has been vested upon me by talkers who realize that I am a supreme being with extraterrestrial intelligence. That's why I receive overwhelming support for the decisions I make. For instance, in the tech section - MY WORD IS LAW.
  3. Nyamgondho

    HP BT200/BM200 Headphones

    This charges through USB-A, I would prefer C. The cups look okay but the pads could be Faux leather. Since you have bought these Wacha nipunguze criticism. Enjoy!
  4. Nyamgondho

    Pootin sends Nukes to Belarus..

    Why were you salty when I expunged you from the tech section where my WORD IS LAW?
  5. Nyamgondho

    Utamu Ya Pombe

    Alleyways na vita apana..
  6. Nyamgondho

    Most ladies are not mentally stable i swear......

    Just play the part - get rich and spend on yourself. Gold diggers who see you buy a 18 yr old cognac for yourself will place their bets in you! Unfortunately the only currency they got is fake smiles, fake laughter and puccy. Take their investment and move on!
  7. Nyamgondho

    Pootin sends Nukes to Belarus..

    Ask yourself why you were banned from the tech section? If you were so bright you surely would have found a way to survive a factual forum.. UJI NDIO IMEJAA KWA HIO KICHWA
  8. Nyamgondho

    Pootin sends Nukes to Belarus..

    And you're his equal
  9. Nyamgondho

    Bad News... or Good News for the Three People Who Bought WinRAR License

    These are enterprise software and companies will continue paying top $$ for a while
  10. Nyamgondho

    Have you experienced racism in Kenya?

    Truman may be the greatest and that's fine. But the industry he features is full of racism. African authors have long been perceived as inferior to western authors.... borderline criminal! The least you can do, as a pan African, is to bring to prominence African authors - even if their work is...
  11. Nyamgondho

    Have you experienced racism in Kenya?

    People on this thread are two-faced. How can you accuse people of racism while you're perpetuating it? How can you prefer a "white" username like @mikel or @TrumanCapote or @Finest wine and still have the cajoles of pointing out racial discrimination?
  12. Nyamgondho

    Ads on a smart tv..

    Implementing this on TVs like LG and Samsung might ruin your experience as some useful information comes through ads. But heneway it's better than having nothing. Better solution is just to purchase an android based dongle.
  13. Nyamgondho

    Turning down advances from so called high quality womenz

    "So called" denotes your personal assessment of "high quality women" with a negative connotation. But we expected that the women are generally of high quality. As an example.. "so called rich men" are actually rich..but your personal perspective of such men could be negative. But it shouldn't...
  14. Nyamgondho

    Ads on a smart tv..

    On my fire stick it replaced the YouTube app plus I have stremio + realdebrid. Plus 60Mps connection. Life is quite soft for WUOD OMBARE
  15. Nyamgondho

    Hi Bonobo? Are you still driving your latest ICE vehicle? China has two words for you...

    Yes. Sure. I am just wondering why this bonobo is posting motoring issues in the technology section.
  16. Nyamgondho

    Hi Bonobo? Are you still driving your latest ICE vehicle? China has two words for you...

    Nikuulize tu swali simpo @Electronics4u. Mbona mliweka section ya motoring kwa hii forum?
  17. Nyamgondho

    Haki ya ngai Naomi wako on fire!!!

    Siwesimake kwa sababu kuna kambuni sinatengenesa simu musuri. Lakini hii kambuni si moja yao.. simu sake ni takataka ya municipality.
  18. Nyamgondho

    Wangapi? Passaris ameosha watu macho

    Interesting I will hit 55 before Ruto finishes his first term and I feel so energized. :D:D:D
  19. Nyamgondho

    Flash disk inaleta shida

    Could be a possibility. Ata Kuna wale huweka flashdisk kwa power outlet. Mostly though, it's just poor product design and inferior components. If you want to purchase memory always avoid cheap ones and go for companies that manufacture a couple of product lines. For me, I mostly buy from...