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  1. Kigaz

    mbona admin anitusi na sister i deserve that??

    Es tu gendarme???
  2. Kigaz

    Equity Bank to now stop offering salary loans

    Asking. If an employee fails to pay the salary loans. Can the bank take his personal plot/house or car if they were not mentioned as colateral in the contract???
  3. Kigaz

    mbona admin anitusi na sister i deserve that??

    Kwani sister yako ni vajo.... somewhere someone calls her 'bitch' while smacking her ass...
  4. Kigaz

    Saitan is real

    Hizi ni nini???
  5. Kigaz


    Utakua umeoa shetani!!!
  6. Kigaz


    Lazima ajitetee akiwa pande wa mbele!!
  7. Kigaz

    Singer Runtown’s Son Is Too Cute

    And you think this needs a whole thread!!
  8. Kigaz

    Tanzanian Celebs! Diamond

    Whats your point exactly!!?
  9. Kigaz

    Form 34A available

    Form 34 ni ya ku do???
  10. Kigaz

    Captain Frisk

    Hawa wa admin wakileta videos za wanafikiri hatujui hio website!!!! nkt! Then wanasumbua na hizo screenshots za Betting ( si wa bet wenyewe wakue wadosi ) :)
  11. Kigaz

    Kodi repositories

    Exodus still... none beats it!!
  12. Kigaz

    Alien Mother Ship Surveilling The International Space Station

    Aki. Nyinyi wote ni mafala tupu!!
  13. Kigaz

    Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

    So lets say, its ur first time to encounter this saying!?
  14. Kigaz

    Movies and Series Website
  15. Kigaz

    Kodi repositories

    Enda Youtube
  16. Kigaz

    Kodi repositories

    Its an Addon, you ignorant!!
  17. Kigaz

    Kodi repositories

    Look for Elysium!!! Thank me later!!!
  18. Kigaz

    Used cars

    U forgot something important. The chassis. If it still in good condition. Whether not bent or rusted. Coz the chassis is very hard to repair!!! An engine is just like any other spare part. U can change it cheaply!!!
  19. Kigaz


    Welcome to Rwanda....hhhh
  20. Kigaz

    Les Accents Africaines

    Les accents africains ont fait quoi, exactement??