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  1. Tommy Kwesule

    America suspends debt ceiling to avoid default

    I have no idea what any of that means.
  2. Tommy Kwesule

    Strip chat site

    Another wanker has discovered a cam site.
  3. Tommy Kwesule


    Social Media influecer? Can't be an advertisement!
  4. Tommy Kwesule

    Worst Response ever! Fear women

    Big fires can be ignited by the smallest spark. Maybe huyo mama ako na stress inamsumbua na anatolea jamaa juu he is the nearest one. Lakini mtu akianza kukwambia hivyo na mmekaa na yeye for a long time lazima pia yeye ameanza kuchoka.
  5. Tommy Kwesule

    Ruto drops Faith Njeri as PS after past case involving fake dollars resurfaces.

    Yani people have such low expectations of Ruto mpaka akifanya a simple common sense thing wanamcongratulate? That position will be given to a Kalenjin.
  6. Tommy Kwesule

    US soldiers watched as Ugandan soldiers were been slaughtered in Somalia

    Hata US ilipitia the same thing. The air support ya France could only do flybys to scare the militants because they were not sure who to shoot.
  7. Tommy Kwesule

    Madaraka eye cleanser

    Hio ni ugonjwa.
  8. Tommy Kwesule

    Mzee Mchapa Kazi Tom Cruise

    Hata Harrison Ford ako 80 years old na they just released the latest Indiana Jones movie. The first one was released in 1971 and Star Wars even before that. I haven't watched it though so sijui performance yake iko aje at that age.
  9. Tommy Kwesule

    Dynasty Baya. Hasora Ataware

    Wanjigi anakuanga expert wa which field. Is he an economist?
  10. Tommy Kwesule


    Serious question from a secondary virgin. How long do men last for one round?
  11. Tommy Kwesule

    This is Guka - Sex in the Bush Saa Hii...

    Kwani unatubeba mbuzi ndio utuoshe mecho na majani? Weka thighs za soft meat tukuamini.
  12. Tommy Kwesule

    Luwere Itumbi

    You are celebrating a low resolution and probably doctored image?
  13. Tommy Kwesule


  14. Tommy Kwesule

    Ngite kamepigwa Sweep... SONKO vs Brayo

  15. Tommy Kwesule

    Hii ni karibu 200k imeenda in 5 minutes

    Ukishuku kila customer utafukuza wote. There's nothing unusual about his movements in such a place.
  16. Tommy Kwesule


    It has definitely worked very well for the Somalis. /s