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    Sudan kamenuka.

    Mmmmh na S.Sudan airport uses the Khartoum tower.
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    Sudan kamenuka.

    Most likely Maban Refugees camp in S.Sudan especially those coming from Khartoum.
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    Oris cigarettes

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    Oris cigarettes

    Huku SSD people smoke these, very nice, cheap and in different flavors
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    Equity post Kshs 46B profit

    Hapa South Sudan wanakula na kijiko kubwa. 4% for cash drops to interior SSD na txns are in USD.
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    fimbo ya mbali
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    Will check this out
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    English speakers wako but not most.
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    Kesho afternoon inshaallah
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    Streets are deserted by 9pm. But nimepiga order naletewa dirty tities kesho. Na bei haitapita 150
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    Even ordering food kwa local restaurants Issa problem Menu inakaa hivi
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    41 birr…you can convert that by 53 to get the price per dollar (using bank rates of exchange) ama you can convert it by 98 (black market dollar rates)
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    Wadau, Niko Addis

    Priss nataka kukamua at least one Habesha babe. Who can point me to the right direction. My local contemporaries are too well mannered for that conversation.
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    Why save in a sacco

    And you still earn interest on your savings , therefore reducing your net cost of borrowing
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    Something is definitely wrong

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    Explicit Sabuni ya leo

    One time while driving from kitale to nairobi, I stopped at the Ole Ken hotel in Nakuru for dinner. The Mutton Rogan Josh was so good I felt sleepy; but the journey had to continue.At the hotel, nikapita hapa kijiji as per tradition. Read some posts and comments by @MikeOck and concluded he is...
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    Alternative to Home Fibre

    Uko side gani? Kama ni kiambu i can recommend, based on my experience with the current vendor
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    Road To Elliye Springs Ktalk Tour

    How’s the patrol from a reliability perspective. Is it a vehicle you can trust to go far from civilization without any worry of unexpected breakdown ( of course assuming normal service repairs are done as needed)
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    Uhuru left a mess everywhere

    Happened to me