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  1. faka d


    Unatisha watu na huezi uma mtu na hio diastema!!
  2. faka d

    Mandera again

    The previous attact in mandera i lost a dear friend i had known for the last 12yrs.was really sad,he left behind a 1yr old little girl.burial was just a week ago tena naskia kuna shambulio lingine in the same region.This shit has to stop its too much
  3. faka d

    United States Grand Prix - Hamilton leading...

    Unless rosberg finishes below 3rd in all the remaining meets then hapo sawa.but ata 2nd position atakua na points mob
  4. faka d

    United States Grand Prix - Hamilton leading...

    This season inakaa Rosberg amekimbiza Hamilton mbaya.his tittle to loose
  5. faka d

    Designated Survivor waaaaaaaaaa

    Ata mimi nimeshangaa hapo
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    na huyu kijana wetu
  7. faka d

    THE REAL LIFE SUICIDE SQUAD-The Chernobyl divers

    Hollywood comes natural to one's mind in matters movies/series simply cz they are ages ahead of the pack in almost every aspect of their craft.So samehea yeye for that
  8. faka d

    Kenyatalk in 1824

    Weed ya makaburini hii
  9. faka d

    Fisi Fala Kapatikana

    How you faked lovey dovey shit with afellow man ukijua beats the shit out of me. but then again it could have been your conscious droping subtle hints for you to bomb the closet
  10. faka d

    The title says it all, how to create a terrorist

    That type of loss leaves a man with nothing to loose,making him most dangerous.
  11. faka d

    Reaction after Kunyimwa

    So.what was the point of going out with a nigger in the first place?the money ama cz thats how cold digger are born.tutabia twa kijinga kaa huto. y not tell the nigger that nimetosheka na av had my limit? its such like behaviours that make ninjas act the uwesmek way.u take my money n i demand...
  12. faka d

    In the Defence of Wayne Rooney - The White Pele

    Kuteleza sio kuanguka. i still believe WR10 has alot to offer united if given time. Had this same argument juzi with some crazy arsenal fun
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    Adams suit

    Kuna mrembo nilikua naenda kamua kamukamu hapo kaa chonjo nyuma ya hio kanisa.hizo nyumba hua zimejengwa viajabu sana
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    The Joho Strategy

    Joho has that coastal trait of being canniving,underhanded,manipulative & calculative for his own gains n good.he can dish trash as any top seasoned politician.and the fact that he's got deep enough pockets helps his cause alot. joho ni moto ya kuotea mbali especially if he keeps gaining...
  15. faka d

    He he, Team Weta kwa stronghold.

    umesahau sonko,the guy might not be the cream of the crop policy & education wise but he sure has a huge following across the devide.he is one of the very few politicians who can truely say that they have conquered the tribal barriers
  16. faka d

    Nyeri Kenol Highway

    Drove on it jana on my way to nyeri and saying its full of crazy drivers is an understatement. I passed cops picking a dead guy who had been knocked down ile mbaya.
  17. faka d

    FMCP Bomoas the Closet; Yes I Am Not (Whatever!)....................

    Atleast you lied to yourself with good grammar.acha ukabila hate a person for his/her characters but not a whole community just cz afew bad seeds cropped up.
  18. faka d

    UFC 203

    Sijui mbona nimeingia kwa hii thread na bado sijaona hii kitu.
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    The juggernaut effects:- Defection garole

    hujajua umesema nini kijana,ebu kwanza kalisha upuss huuu---------------------->>kooo
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    2 Nakuru County Employees take a selfie after dryfry session

    Paper trail nigger,never leave any!!