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  1. Mjuaji

    It Seems the Financier has Refused to Release Money for Maandamano, Hahaaa!

    You must be a light weight if this is the best you can do
  2. Mjuaji

    Rwandese Women

    Nilitomba mmoja sura/ matako ilikuwa fiti lakini kuna ilikuwa mtaro.
  3. Mjuaji

    Wizi Wa Solar Lights, WiFi Access Points & Cameras

    Shida ya hii nchi ni Wakikuyu
  4. Mjuaji

    To all the homophobes on Ktalk

    Pride Month imeanza moto with Simiyu addressing the village. I rate this post 5 Hard Dildos
  5. Mjuaji

    Pre-wall soft meat wants to spoil Ruto CS who pays her fees

    Uliwaambukiza ?
  6. Mjuaji

    Admin is time to put this section in a time capsule and send it to the archives.

    Ata monkey pox came and went and we still have this section here? @Electronics4u do the thing. Tell @administrator to tear this down this wall.
  7. Mjuaji

    Grow food not tobbaco, coffee and tea

    Habari ya Maua kiongozi
  8. Mjuaji

    Hatutaki nyumba protest.

    It was also a scam.
  9. Mjuaji

    Povery Mindset leading Kenyans to reject Arors Housing Plan

    Wewe labda ni wale huishi kwa rental mpaka kifo. Since you're a "serikali saidia" you think the government is about to build you a house. Ole wako
  10. Mjuaji

    itumbi walisalimiana na arror... ama ni consequences za rozzy

    @spear uko na ukimwi au ni evangelical fasting pale statehouse ?
  11. Mjuaji

    Duale is loyal to his own and his religion

    And slaves are loyal to their masters & the wind. Asiyefunzwa na mamake atapata funzo hivi karibuni
  12. Mjuaji

    NBA Playoffs

    Leo Butler anamalizana na Celtics. Kwani Embiid ni mid aje ?!
  13. Mjuaji

    Dr. Rashid Buttar Dead!

    Lol these idiots claim other people's deaths are sudden and because of vaccines, when it's one of them they say it's poisoning.
  14. Mjuaji

    jambass embarks on mass land grab

    Ruto ni rais. He's name will be on people's mouths for the next few centuries. Zoea
  15. Mjuaji


    Oria is shameless about self guarding self interest.
  16. Mjuaji

    ALI MUHSIN al-BARWANI (1919-2006)

    Coastweek - -ALI MUHSIN al-BARWANI (1919-2006), poet, scholar and politician, was born in Baghani, Zanzibar Stone Town, on 13 January 1919, the son of Sheikh Muhsin Ali Isa al-Barwani (1878-1953) and Bi. Zayana binti Salim. The Barwani clan have their origins in Oman, but by the close of the...
  17. Mjuaji

    Kenya's new millionaires highest in the world

    I'm assuming we're not talking Zimbabwe currency of course.