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  1. The real voice

    BBI's longterm goal

    This is the question that most kenyans are asking themselves. We all know that kenyan politicians never create proposals if there is no catch. On one side, one between the two leaders is going to be backstabbed. Either Uhuru or Raila. On one end, Uhuru has completly alienated himself from his...
  2. The real voice

    Russian government resigns

    This guy is a clever dictator. He is trying to avoid prosecution in the years to come.
  3. The real voice

    Uhuru state house address

    Clearly this mofo is out to safeguard the family's interests.
  4. The real voice

    Iran accepts blame for shooting down Ukranian aeroplane

    Well well well ....what do you know. Hawa waarabu hapo walivuka laini.
  5. The real voice

    Uhuru is overworking

    This government is just weird...lakini mjue kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea.
  6. The real voice

    We want to bring democracy to they said

    Trump has called for massive sanctions to Iraq if they order American troops out of the country. Iraq's sanctions will make Iran's look like childplay says American's Supreme leader. Iran fully exercised theie democracy by ordering the troops out. Hence the question, which democracy were they...
  7. The real voice

    Lamu attacks

    Al shabab already taking credit for the bombings on the military facility.
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    Central bank issued a warning last week about the hard economic times that are about to come this year. As someone who likes to look ahead i know many sectors will be affected. Layoffs will be everywhere. Its the right time to evaluate which hustle is likely to survive such times. Nimecheki mtu...
  9. The real voice

    World War III

    With things escalating in the middle east, the probability of a war are high. Oil prices have already surged. In reality a war could be a good thing for Africa.Wars generaly bring together allies. It would give us a chance to unify under one body and become one nation comprised of fifty...
  10. The real voice

    Arsenal vs Rashford Fc

    As we all know pinning a thread about Arsenal makes them loise but leo nko na imani. Sisi kama Chelsea tuko nyuma ya Legend Arteta.
  11. The real voice

    My ultimate poison

    People are addicted to cars because of different reasons. Brand, type ,models and so on. Then there is me. I will simply like a car depending on the engine it has under. My dream is slapping one of these under the hood of my car. Blown engines just excites me.
  12. The real voice

    AMACO files for bankruptcy

    Ruto's company goes down. Ni kama mbegu alipanda kwa kanisa haikumea. Watu mna vlaim huko si mtalilia choo.
  13. The real voice

    Why 2022 will be a walkover for the high priest

    Ni juu ya ujinga kama hii...
  14. The real voice


    Personally i believe if you haven't watched this series you are missing out.
  15. The real voice

    One vs the rest

    At times i wonder, by saying Israel is the choosen nation, does it mean that the bible never advocated for equality..?
  16. The real voice

    Things appear to be escalating pale Libya

    First of all , f**k you Obama for Gaddafi. There is massive troop movements pale libya with armies from Egypt, Turkey, and libya being sent to the capital. Another Giant country felled by the west.
  17. The real voice

    Gloating in Kenya

    It surprises me and this is the reason that our politicians are easily able to toy with kenyans. Right now Raila's henchmen are gloating at the kuumira kuumira batalion for the mistake they made in 2017. They forget that we are living in the same country and the price of bread is similar...
  18. The real voice

    Igathe still the deputy governor

    Nairobi MCA's have claimed that he never followed the correct procedure when resigning. Now my question is.. If igathe was not degazetted as deputy governor , does he still earn his salary? if not who pockets it? and why?
  19. The real voice

    Miraa chronicles

    I would want to know which insurance company insures such vehicles.Ticking time bomb..