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  1. pipinono

    Mansa-musa-richest-man-ever-from Mali

    The sun tabloid has outdone itself - with a positive story on black man history! DESPITE Jeff Bezos claiming the title as the world's richest man with a net worth of £99bn, he doesn't come close to Mansa...
  2. pipinono

    Since when...

    Just landed hapa Trans nzoia county -Kitale town to be specific. Kila jamaa Ni Guinness Na maziwa. Is this normal? Picha baadaye Niki pata room.
  3. pipinono

    Nimejipata Muranga town

    ...after several hours stuck on Thika Road hapo blue post nime-amua destination Ni Muranga. Wapi naweza osha macho. Tafadhaliiiii
  4. pipinono

    Polite reminder !

    Meffi Rules The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by Kenya Talk ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only. You agree to not use the Service to...
  5. pipinono

    Where is Gathecha!?

    Hope he is not nursing hangover huko house on the hill. We need him to address the "Thuraku" nation on the high cost of living.
  6. pipinono

    Noordin Haji goes for Richard Lesiyampe over maize scandal

    Hapo sawa The chickens have come home to roost for government and cereals board officials implicated in the multi-billion-shilling scandal that rocked the purchase of maize from...
  7. pipinono

    Temperatures expected to drop to 3C

    Expected results ni 9months from now. Kenyans have been warned to brace themselves for cold mornings for the next three days, with temperatures expected to drop to 3 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country...
  8. pipinono

    Sarit Mall Burning!

    Unconfirmed rumors indicate smoke from the ground floor.
  9. pipinono

    Help ; LG Smart Remote not working

    Hii remote imekataa kufanya kabisa tangu jana. I Cant change the TV channels or enjoy Movie streaming. Nikiweka batteries inatoa "hissing sound". Saidieni...
  10. pipinono

    I give up!

    Browsing using my phone is proving to be a nightmare. Ukirundisha the old UI - niambie.
  11. pipinono

    Smart people never struggle explaining how they work

    Very interesting. Smart people never struggle explaining how they work Long ago, in the court of a powerful king, a scholar often advised him on economy. The King’s confidence in him was a matter of soreness to many. So, they started taking revenge by targeting his son and insulted him by...
  12. pipinono

    NYS New Advert-Scam in the Making

    Whenever i see these guys splash an advert just note/mark this...A MEGA CORRUPTION is looming.
  13. pipinono

    Kigali Chronicles

    Being the second day in the city- i can tell you it has not disappointed. KBC entertainment zone (under renovations) has disappeared and now we have a new kick ass club called "People" near Kigali Heights Mall. Below have been shuma-terminated already - @Ebru -fication available on request...
  14. pipinono

    Igathe Out

  15. pipinono

    Bob con More Quits

    He quits from abroad
  16. pipinono


    First take the poll. Kickbacks menace has become a norm in my life. After the business acquaintances the next moment is my Mpesa line ringing. The problem is that i don't solicit and have no future intention on the same. Being a honest Kenyan I have tried to refund but wote wanairudisha plus...
  17. pipinono

    Elders; Niko Bunjubura enroute Kinshasha

    Every year I do maiden trips as bucket list. Last year was Rwanda Kigali. This year am in Burundi for two days then heading to Kinshasha afterwards. Ni wapi naweza safisha macho hapa Bunjubura. Pictures to follow laters.
  18. pipinono

    Opportunity for the shiney eyes

    Huyu Mwende is now a hot cake. Unless they hire G4S 24/7 naona ma-shiney eyes wakivamuzz na hizi Kes 10m artificial hands.
  19. pipinono

    Banks Have no Where to Run!

    Mobile traded M-Akiba bond set to be launched in a month Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich has said the government will launch the much awaited mobile-traded government securities, M-Akiba bonds, in a months’ time offering an alternative savings option to retail investors...
  20. pipinono

    The Flower Girl! - Short Hekaya