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  1. byro

    Dunia Haina Huruma

    Tupatie link aget views mkuu.
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    I am behind Iran

    I support iran but they would have planned for war better than falling for uncle sam invasion tactics.
  3. byro

    Do police speed cameras work

    Install a dashboard camera.
  4. byro

    Its a shame elders mnatetea mashoga

    Don't you think its a bitchy behavior to dictate how other men should live ?
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    admin ghasia pale muchatha

  6. byro

    single mother

    Poa mzee mzima.
  7. byro

    Finally Loudmouth Atwoli Receives A Massive TKO From Migush...

    sycophants when faced with truth, hate on miguna but ask them for what reason they say, "aaah, cant you see he is a loose cannon!" The man is smart and a genius, and type of leader Kenyans need.
  8. byro

    My Girlfriend Is Extremely Stingy. Should I Be Worried?

    Work for your wife and expect little from them, plus consider her background. She might have been brought up in a very poor environment. Tell her how you feel about it, and see how she will respond. Sometimes we are quick to judge and generalizing that we end up loosing gems. Ask yourself for...
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    One word. Superstition.
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    Dating members of the disciplined forces is dangerous

    How now you link killing with low IQ? Like doctors don't kill or other "high IQ" regarded individuals? Emotions mess up any strongest human out there.
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    nunua spy cam pale jumia wekea yeye. That way utaingia kama csi
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    Kenyan lady revolutionary

    what do you want her to do? Attack a police station?
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    Kenyan lady revolutionary

    You just dont wake up one night and get a revolution, you have to educated the stronghold masses first and have them wake up from the political influence slumber. Walk to rural homes in central and you will realize how ridiculous they sound with politics. Still talking Raila will never be...
  14. byro

    Kenyan lady revolutionary

    Soon we will have more videos like these, then kimakia and his freedom fighting grandpas will have no otherwise than fund muthamaki to stay in power. Down with monarchies..
  15. byro

    You wont see them here.

    And with your grandfather in the forest chasing the white man, the dreaded traitors called home guards who had privileges to white mans schools, came back as presidents. You must be circumcised but not seeing beyond history is an insult to your birth date.
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    You wont see them here.

    We all human beings, we make mistakes. Stop perceiving your leaders/ elders and the like as angels.
  17. byro

    An app you should have

    9Gag did it back in 2011