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  1. The real voice

    CVT gearbox issues

    Ikifika hapo wekelea engine na gearbox ya 7A ....thank me later.
  2. The real voice

    Vandalized at lower Kabete

    Am also forrowing hapo ndo jackpot iko
  3. The real voice


    You cannot compare the two...moja ni ya fuckboys wa subaru na hio ingine ni ya wazee wako between 28-45.
  4. The real voice

    Kwani Maskini Hawachoki?

    I actually think kikuyus come in second after Luos
  5. The real voice

    Bukhungu stadium kamechacha.

    Kieleweke is from cendro not western.
  6. The real voice

    Why Uhuru Doesn't Care

    Kenyans are becoming more enlightened. If it took four days to get the govt to act on the kasarani issue just know people are tired. Uhuru has served as a lesson to most Kenyans. People are beggining to understand what it means to elect bad leaders. Uhuru and his family will deal with...
  7. The real voice

    Ruto once Said "hamuwezi nifukuza ODM Tena mnifuate Jubilee mnifukuze "

    You are one of baba's sycophants one can tell.
  8. The real voice

    Kasarani mwiki.

    Hio njia nlipita siku moja kuenda Njiru nikashangaa. Anyway tulikuwa na watu wa mwiki tukieka 6 piece. Ujeuri tumekula tukatosheka nayo.
  9. The real voice

    Peugeot 406

    I have no clue ...walijaribu kuizima hata wakitoa funguo iko tu on then it was doing revs of close to 7-8 thousand rpm.
  10. The real voice

    Kasarani updates

    That lady MP was beaten after coming to ask people why they are striking.
  11. The real voice

    BBI's longterm goal

    And who told you am a kale. I don't have a standing at either teams. And politics in Kenya is just shit as it is.
  12. The real voice

    BBI's longterm goal

    But that can't last with people becoming more and more angry at these families and anything they stand for.
  13. The real voice

    BBI's longterm goal

    This is the question that most kenyans are asking themselves. We all know that kenyan politicians never create proposals if there is no catch. On one side, one between the two leaders is going to be backstabbed. Either Uhuru or Raila. On one end, Uhuru has completly alienated himself from his...
  14. The real voice

    Peugeot 406

    I have seen one ikijipiga high revs pale inda ikakataa kuzimika saa hio haikanyagwi mafuta. So weird. I would like to know the concept behind that.
  15. The real voice

    Miraa chapatis

    Huyu lazima awe mkikuyu.
  16. The real voice

    Russian government resigns

    This guy is a clever dictator. He is trying to avoid prosecution in the years to come.
  17. The real voice

    Uhuru state house address

    Clearly this mofo is out to safeguard the family's interests.
  18. The real voice

    Motor Mouth Kuria Receives Own Medication

    I never voted the second time since i knew it would be automatic.
  19. The real voice

    Moi Will Be Dead Soon. A whitewashing of his legacy will pick pace.

    Moi was and is better than Kenyatta and his thieving lineage.
  20. The real voice

    Rasanga says it all

    Hata ile mbwa aliitwa na Babu iko better off.