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  1. Sylos

    Willis Raburu's Wife

    Another leso session?
  2. Sylos

    maringo ndogo ndogo

    At least I now know where the word bendera came from, thanks
  3. Sylos

    Govt Warns of Masinga Dam Breaking in 2 Days..that is sunday 8th of Dec2019

    We were told if we didn't like it here we just leave
  4. Sylos

    Raha ya kuingilia mwanaume ni nini?

    So your biggest worry is that they guy is ugly?
  5. Sylos

    Child Birth Is Brutal

    probably out being rejected by ladies
  6. Sylos

    Grace Msalame Finally Hits the Wall

    "The wall is unbeaten" Then why do you bother? All this sounds like sour grapes
  7. Sylos


    All radio stations start that way. Before you know it it's the same song played several times in a day
  8. Sylos

    Huyu achomoke tu ..Hiding behind comedy must be very exasperating

    Probably because the African male deems those who exhibit 'female tendencies' as being lesser humans and this is manifested by people laughing at them rather than with them: a concept Kenyan comedians don't seem to understand
  9. Sylos


    Some people like randomly stumbling on a show. With torrents you have to know exactly what you want to watch
  10. Sylos

    springboks and racism

    Then wouldn't we expect to see lots of Somali players?
  11. Sylos

    Tyres 175 and 185 together

    Depends on the transmission type. It's not recommended for all wheel drive vehicles
  12. Sylos

    Kigali: the side you never see on media.

    Now we can relax since Kigali has a slum
  13. Sylos

    No way we have the same intellect with these guys

    But don't we have Kenyan professors in top universities that prove that Africans are the most intelligent beings on the planet?
  14. Sylos

    Seller's Remorse

    Can't someone brag to strangers in peace around here?
  15. Sylos

    Africans Are Strong Physically But Very Poor Intellectually, Caucasians and Northern Asians Have Better Intellect But Weak Physically

    Since race doesn't exist, how about culture? And what determines that culture if so?
  16. Sylos

    Bikini babes wash cars at a major club

    Should we tell him?
  17. Sylos

    Ebu Saidieni Huyu Kijana Mrefu wa Ocha Mwenye Hana Akili Hata!!

    Well he did come out the other day
  18. Sylos


    Sawa admin
  19. Sylos

    Gearbox - Forester

    CVTs aren't known for their durability so even if you replace it, it's just a matter of time before you require another one. Something to think about