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  1. Sylos

    YouTube Rewind 2018

    At 10 million dislikes, it's on track to become youtube's most disliked video in history.
  2. Sylos

    Tyre sizes

    Is it advisable to go beyond the car manufacturer's recommended tyre sizes? For example: I have 215/45/r17s but they're too thin. Could I upgrade to 55s which aren't listed in the car's manual? What would be the effect of doing so?
  3. Sylos

    Somalia: what happened?

    Before it sank into the abyss, the place seemed to hold so much promise. Makes you wonder what could have been. source
  4. Sylos

    Friday Rock Mix

    A good way to start the weekend
  5. Sylos

    Whine while steering

    Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting a whine from the power steering pump while turning especially from a parked position. The steering isn't affected yet. What would be causing this and what's the danger of such a problem? Thanks.
  6. Sylos

    Corey Taylor Live

    An acoustic treat for rock fans
  7. Sylos

    Huawei P10 Oreo update

    It's finally here. Don't know why it took so long
  8. Sylos

    TCL P-Series

    Hi talkers, I've seen this TV get many positive reviews. Any leads on where I can get one? Thanks
  9. Sylos

    First Car

    Hello talkers, I'm considering purchasing my first vehicle ( ex Japan) but I'm very green in this field ( actually got my license recently) So: 1. What are some of the things to consider when looking for a vehicle? 2. What's the purchase process like in the Kenyan context? Assuming I'm buying...
  10. Sylos

    Faiba 4g Speedtest

    Connection is spotty though
  11. Sylos

    Seasoned runners saidieni

    Hi guys, I've been running 4km for about three months with no problems at all. The thing is I'm currently at a high altitude area training for a physical test that will go for a longer distance ( 21km) thus a longer time. ( 2 hrs max) My question is, how does a newbie runner pace himself during...
  12. Sylos

    Sociologists wa Ktalk

    The single mother phenomenon I've noticed it's a common topic of discussion here. Can someone provide a detailed analysis listing the causes, typical characteristics, why they invoke so much ridicule in society? And the elusive single father, why so little mention of him?
  13. Sylos

    Blackberry Internet Service

    Hi guys I just noticed that Safaricom still has it's blackberry internet service. I'm curious if it can work with an android device. Thoughts?
  14. Sylos

    NMDVPN config

    Does anyone have the config file for the local ISP?
  15. Sylos

    Cheap ISPs

    Hello, Does anyone here know of any ISP that would charge less than 2k per month for a good connection? Fibre is out of the question as haijafika kwetu. Tweaks to mobile isps are also welcome.