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  1. Raheem8

    18+ Recycle Plastic Here

    Some people have weird tastes, hii hata bure sitaki
  2. Raheem8

    Tanzania Interior Minister

    The kenyan interior minister is doing a great job. For the haters kaa kando au radaa
  3. Raheem8

    Liverpool inauwa nyoka

    Liverpool wanachunisha watu nyasi
  4. Raheem8

    venye tutafanya liverpool leo

    Liverpool 3 point period, it's inevitable to lose at anfield
  5. Raheem8

    18+ MILF

    Bro for me hata akinipea na normal rates siwezi na siwezi. Hata afadhali nilipe hio 300% na nihepe kama risasi
  6. Raheem8

    18+ Death Row Beauty

    She has the beauty and the goods
  7. Raheem8

    18+ Shiro alienda wapi ??

    Huyu anaenda Kieni East sahiii
  8. Raheem8

    Why jungus give interviews in English and Tanzanians give in Swahili

    Unless you are self sustaining country like China or Japan, language barrier can place you on a backward footing. Sorry to say but European national language makes life easier for African countries otherwise how would Kenya and Uganda Communicate if we didn't have English?
  9. Raheem8

    18+ Nimegundua siri wadau....

    Old saying, no woman will leave six cars for six pack, hata kama ni proper dicking, how come they wont settle with a watchie? Propaganda tu
  10. Raheem8

    Why jungus give interviews in English and Tanzanians give in Swahili

    BBI had that suggestion, but that would have made things worse for the future generation. Look at various case studies of Tanzania.
  11. Raheem8

    Wangapi tumefika hii level

  12. Raheem8

    18+ ....

    sio kabaya
  13. Raheem8


    This has been here over and over again, 'a man who marries a beautiful woman and a farmer who plants maize at the roadside have the same problem'
  14. Raheem8

    VAR ni umeffi

    Wacha kubishana, Enda tu ukawatch netball
  15. Raheem8

    Tongues left wagging as Alice wahome kisses Ruto

    Hii tuliona kabla Wilma aolewe na Fred Flintstones
  16. Raheem8

    18+ Sabina Joy....Mko???

    That place is overrated, only legends will know this place and how satisfying it is.
  17. Raheem8

    Woii!! Nisaidieni mimi kama beta male kabla mwaka iishe!!

    How on earth have u been having slice with a waiter without condom, I know she is still human but u can't say love is blind coz it wasn't from the beginning. Now my piece of advice, go to an employment bureau and seek for a job in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi or any place with an opening. then engage...