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  1. Kebobo

    Tales on how you discovered Ktalk and how old were you?

    Basically I guess am one of the lucky ones to be at about 25 and have discovered the wiseness of K talk. Alphas na wadau... Sijui what I was doing kwa net then kidogo kidogo link, And from there on, there has been no turning back.. Almost five years strong and here is where i get tips on...
  2. Kebobo

    Drugs and success

    Hello Ktalkers, I guess you have seen some few questions from me, So let me be quick WEED, MUGUKA AND ALCOHOL, does it render one from achieving his/her goals. The pple at 30 what can you advice me about this. Mark you i use about 1/4 of my monthly earnings that is about 4-6k per month... Let me...
  3. Kebobo


    Hey Ktalkers, what steps do i need to know in applying for a greencard, will there be hidden charges to apply and is it complicated, thanks. your answers will be duly appreciated. Help us youngstars in landing opportunities and going to the land where anyone can be anything. Najua wakenya...
  4. Kebobo


    Hey Ktalkers at what point did you feel like you started being independent ... This is because I have completed my Uni... Got a second Lower ... I would love suggestions since am currently on a place that I can earn around 15K a month and save half every month mark you its a very different...
  5. Kebobo


    Kenye imenifanya nipost hii ni vile Kenya iko. 'Everyone' expects you to be formal. Manze Kenya ati lazima ukue na connection ndio upate job ata the low paying one. So basically mimi niko like 23 yrs na naona sitafuata hii path ya career. Nimesomea Foodscience and Nutrition bt naona tu hustle ya...