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    Visiting Eldoret

    Those visiting the city of Jambions kibiashara, kazi ya sirikal, stopovers ama kuosha rungu road trips, 'The Wells Irish Pub & Restaurant' awaits you. The perfect pub and restaurant anywhere in Kenya. Nice Irish pub theme, authentic millwork fittings. Iko hadi mboilo imechemshwa na Guinness...
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    AM Re-Elected. Objective Completed!

    The idea of the buffer zone between Kenya and Lower Shabelle was an excellent one by Kibaki. Aluta Continua. Alpha Mike used to greet us na mikono miwili but now amekita mizizi hatutambui watu bila chase car. Anyhu, he's a fantastic fellow and with that Kenya has won the battle. Interesting...
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    The World has a Germany Problem

    Some aspects of European policy, especially German economic policy, do hurt the world economy and deserve condemnation. Ze Germans treat themselves badly, with a ruinous obsession over public debt. And the costs of that obsession are spilling over to the world as a whole. Some background...
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    The Priceless Racism of the Queen's Hubby

    96yr-old Prince Philip is blissfully old. He has lived a long, rich, and fulfilling life ( akina Moi don't even come close) - and may he live the rest of his racist days with the dignity and poise that he has denied others His racism is actually quite priceless because it comes so naturally to...
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    Wood Preservatives

    Wadau which is the best chemical to treat fresh cut poles and droppers? With the cost of treated poles being over the roof and some eucalyptus to cut down, nataka ujanja. Nimetumana kwa muhindi and what they have is Chromated copper arsenate (CCA), the inflammable green carcinogenic stuff...
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    RIP Hugo Santillan

    Professional boxing has suffered its second death in less than a week after Argentinian fighter Hugo Alfredo “Dinamita” Santillan died on Thursday from injuries sustained in the ring. He was 23. Santillan, a super lightweight, was fighting against Uruguay’s Eduardo Javier Abreu in Buenos Aires...
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    RIP Maxim Dadashev

    Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died in a US hospital after sustaining injuries during his fight with Puerto Rico's Subriel Matias. The guy soaked in a lot of punches and even his manager urged him to quit at some point akakataa. Sometimes it's better you give in like AJ than take in such...
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    Wild Waters 001

    Wadau nani amefika hapa na their little ones ama na kunguru and how is the place?
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    Of Slingshots and Escape Velocity

    How do you get to the heavens? Daedalus made wings and attached them to himself and his son using wax to be able to fly. The Greek mythology tells that the son Icarus didn't listen to his father and flew too close to the Sun. The heat melted the wax and soon he found himself flapping his bare...
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    Baboonery Contd.....

    Until that day when Africa will have food security is the day conflicts in Africa zitaisha. Unfortunately, food security = mechanized farming. Sio mambo ya stone age hoes and early man pastoralism. With the current alarming land subdivision rate, coupled with low IQ, mechanisation will remain...
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    Apparently, Houthi 'cruise missiles' and drones have hit two airports in Saudi, effectively rendering them inoperable:D. Comedic, really. These attacks have been relentless this past week. Miraculously, there have been no fatalities. Saudi planes have just bombed Sanaa minutes ago in 'revenge...
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    Better Life at All Costs

    The desperate Eritrean alikua ameshindwa na maisha ya Asmara. He was 'rescued' from a busy shipping lane by Dutch coastguard as he tried to get to Britain on his homemade raft. Hesabu zake ilimiss by far. Raft was held together with rope, and the hull was made of empty jerrycans and construction...
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    We're Definitely Not Alone!

    Tuanze hapa chini kabisa. We're in the solar system - our sun, 8 planets with their several moons and a planetoid(pluto). Since distance in space is measured in light years(LY) we should get some orientation and perspective. It takes 4.15 hours for light to travel to Neptune (takes about 8.3...
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    This is by far the creepiest TV show of all time. Fringe, Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks might be creepy too but none comes close to what agent Mulder and Scully get to investigate week in week out. Five episodes do stand out. Hizi huwes ona solo at night with lights off 1. Detour 2. Folie a Deux...
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    Mt Everest

    I guess by now most of you are aware that so far 10 lives have been lost on Mt Everest as human beings try to stretch their achievement lists. Since it's summer and climbing conditions are perfect, kila mtu amekimbia huko like our own last-day huduma number rush. Obviously, this created a jam...
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    Mathogothanio for those dieting

    On my first anniversary since niache pombe, being a Friday siku ya gym and having missed b/fast, ilikua lazima niingize proper while avoiding carbs. Total vegetarian imekua ngumu kidogo.
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    Love, Death + Robots

    This thing on Netflix iko juu sana. Short stories that have surreal themes/endings. 'A bit like Tales from the Crypt' or 'The Twilight Zone'. I'm finding myself being very unproductive in the office. Iko na kusafisha macho mingi sana kwa wale wanapenda
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    Tembea Kenya

    Detour to this wonderful county. Nani anajua huku
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    The Vermin is Terminated

    A covert precision airstrike carried out on March 22, 2019, reportedly took out Kenya’s most wanted terrorist, Ahmad Iman Ali. The Kenyan-born terrorist, alongside 40 other Al Shabaab militants, were killed in the strike. Ali – also known as Abu Zinira, was believed to be a top terrorist...
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    Abu Hajaar

    The name 'ISIS' strikes fear even in the souls of the battle hardened coz of the barbarism and brutality associated with the group. However, there's this short clip of an ISIS fighter with a GoPro camera on his helmet and the contents are hilarious! Comedic errors that one can't imagine such...