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  1. Starscream

    Manchester City

    Manchester city has been banned from the UEFA champions league for two seasons 2020/21 season and the 2021/22 season.
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    Vera sidika

    Is it just me ama Sidika ni mweusi?
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    Habari wanakijiji juzi kuna sabuni nilitumia ikachoma eyebrows zangu zote what can I do to grow them back. I want to have thick eyebrows
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    Free at last

    I've finally broken my two decades of porno addiction and I feel like a new man. What started as a joke turned into something deadly wadau hii kitu si mchezo. Ilifika mahali I couldn't look at myself in the mirror due to shame so nikaamua siku moja to delete my 15GB collection, it was hard and I...
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    Scientists have reeleased the first ever images of a black hole this is a major milestone in astronomy. Blackholes are formed when a giant star "dies". What is left behind is a region in space that is so dense that light cannot escape.
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    Hi guys? Apart from OLX and pigiame what other websites can you use to advertise your products for free? Ive tried opening a facebook page but they blocked my account
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    You tube videos

    Hi guys how can I download YouTube videos on my phone? nimejaribu lakini zinakataa.
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    Breaking news: Uhuru refuses to sign the bill to reduce vat on fuel

    The president has rejected the bill. It appears that the tough times are here to stay.
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    List of massage parlours in downtown nairobi

    I promised you guys a list of massage parlours and places you can watch porno being made. 1. Cana lodge river road first floor room 9 2.Greenfield hotel opposite jamhuri highschool first floor yote wanatengeneza movies huko 3.Eating house Luthuli avenue second floor room 2 4.Hotel Mariposa Munyu...
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    Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

    What are your thoughts. Who do you think will win the Europa Super Cup?
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    Below is a cool twerking video enjoy
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    Science and technology

    Please administrators jaribu kutufungulia section ya science and technology
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    Tizi on k24

    Kuna hii show inaitwa Tizi pale k24 that lady who does thoes exercises is the reason I watch that show pamoja na vile anapumua na nguvu. I think anaitwa marjolein blokland
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    world tobacco day

    Happy tobacco day people. Remember smoking is the leading cause of heart disease and lung cancer.
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    Starsceam needs your help

    Vipi wanakijiji waheshimiwa. I only need 90 likes to be made a village sponsor kwa hivyo tafadhali nipatieni hizo likes nitashukuru sana.
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    music download

    Kuna hii ngoma ya richie spice inaitwa I dont got it kutoka reggae fest riddim ni website gani naweza download hio song. Nimejaribu tubidy lakini haiko hapo.
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    Charity sweepstakes

    One time, around tea room area, two boys approached me. They talk in deep Kimeru Accent. It was around 6 PM, they tell me they have come all the way from Meru. They tell me they are in deep trouble because they won 100k in sweepstakes, they come to claim money, but they is late, the offices are...
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    interesting news

    Nimeona kwa news kwamba five women have been arrested in kilifi for drugging and stealing from men in clubs. Those women had over fifty phones, several laptops,title deeds hadi certificate za kcse. Sasa nashangaa kwani mtu akienda kukunywa anabebanga title deed na certificates?
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    quitting smoking

    I've finally quit smoking after being a chain smoker for over 20 years. I'm so happy:)
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    Geography of a woman

    Between the ages of 18 to 21 a woman is like Africa or Australia. She is half wild, half discovered and naturally beautiful with bushland around a fertile area. Between the ages of 21 to 30 a woman is like America or Japan.Completely discovered, very well developed and open with trade with...