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  1. Agent47

    PayPal, Skrill vs Bitcoins

    Anyone who has useful info on bitcoins nichanue I want to start buying and receiving money in form of bitcoins alafu I sell them later. PayPal and Skrill have disputes what about the bitcoins wallets? kuna madispute na machargeback ama ni freestle kama pablo escobar?
  2. Agent47

    About the Equity Bank estimated 30.9M Robbery in Othaya Nyeri

    Very Dumb inside job! the cash officer and operations manager are literary screwed! btwei can you trade your life in kenya or freedom for 10M? #notworthit I t's crazy starring at all the millions on a daily basis. What makes guys who handle big monies remain disciplined ? It is very tempting!
  3. Agent47

    Villagers and Elders I need a VERY small and efficient Generator preferably one that ...

    produces little noise , consumption ya petrol kama nduthi. I'm getting ready for Elnino I bet KPLC will literary screw kenyans na mashida za stima. Enough output for a laptop, T.V and a Fridge. nothing else. Useful comments only. Thank You!
  4. Agent47

    hp pavilion dv6 3042ee

    Hii kitu inahema sana at times after long hours of work . nifanyeje ? nilipeleke another dv6 last year same problem nikalimpa thao saa hizi inahema na kupata joto karibu ishike nare hii side ya fan na hdmi. Nifanyeje watu wa jubilee na cord plus others.
  5. Agent47

    Car Owners and Car Gurus Advice Needed Toyota Crown Vs Nissan Fuga

    between the two which one is worth purchasing for a first ride? Is SBT-Japan the best importer in kenya?
  6. Agent47

    Ride za Buda kabuda. uncle Sam is around aka Oil digger

    In total US wana beast ngapi? I bet as we speak kuna zingine Ethiopia tayari ama after nai anapeleka mrembo wapi? Btwei have you heard about the Moran who wants to Malia
  7. Agent47

    Villagers where can I find these condoms? Zimeisha Nilipewa 2014 but nitanunua.

    Ama kuna substitute ya KY Jelly?
  8. Agent47

    Mayweather has won that was predictable, ni kama kusema Uhuru atawin 2017 Elections

    Download links please. ASAP wengine wetu hatujawatch.
  9. Agent47

    Easy-hide-ip license needed ASAP. nitalipia

    Kazi imesimama. Useful information will be highly appreciated.
  10. Agent47


    Serikali saidia na license key I need it ASAP.
  11. Agent47

    Liquor Flasks

    Does anyone have a direct link/contact to any manufacturer of these? Napata tu mabroker selling at diff prices. I need them in Bulk.
  12. Agent47


    Give me useful info. On where I can get a soft loan ya 200K hivi any financial institution with good interest rates (ShylocksApanaiyoCategory) Hapa ndio noma iko I got A Yea account with cooperative bank not so very active sidhani wanaeza nidunga kaloan. Ndio nataka info on the nxt best...
  13. Agent47


    Share prices and contact information. Biz ya kesho latest 11am
  14. Agent47

    Machakos People's Park

    I want to visit this place very soon, Nani amekuwa huko? What should I look foward to? What's good? Villagers share the intel u got.
  15. Agent47

    TP LInk MR-3420

    Nisaidieni earlier on klist many voted for this router.