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  1. pingulitto

    Una ongea story ya Nani??l

  2. pingulitto

    INEOS 1:59 Challenge Live Stream

    Inaitwa bucket
  3. pingulitto

    Worst Alcohol Ever Taken and It's Experience

    Tequila made me see jesus. And i'm an atheist!
  4. pingulitto

    Looking for a white woman to breed with

    Nduthi guy Paint your hands white
  5. pingulitto

    another rising star crashed

    My favourite is [1 Sam. 5:6-12] where the Lord is threatening to give us haemorrhoids :) God is creative in punishments :)
  6. pingulitto

    let him who has understanding, understand

    Hey hey hey wait before people get all bent out of shape over this depiction of a fictional character, remember that Jesus spent all his time living with 12 other men, kissed Judas, and was nailed by a group of men so hard he couldn't get up for three days!.
  7. pingulitto

    Daily Atheist Meme

  8. pingulitto

    Methali Za Wagenge

    kelele za mkundu hazibomoi choo
  9. pingulitto

    My Daily Atheist Meme

    we have bears in the middle east ? :confused::confused::confused:..
  10. pingulitto

    My Daily Atheist Meme

    i dont know if i can blame this guy..i've met kids i could easily watch bears maul them..probably good kids,but for christ sake get the f**k out of the road when i am driving..!jeez..
  11. pingulitto

    Help me understand

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D..holyspirit ndio ilikamua iyo kitu..
  12. pingulitto


    Y"all didn't seem to get me ,let me rephrase that... Your god created orgasmn and gave you long hands but doesn't want you to jerk off..
  13. pingulitto


    he created orgasms but doesn't want you to kawasaki ..
  14. pingulitto


    BootyIt's an endangered anatomy..
  15. pingulitto

    **** in nairobi

    What's is right and what is wrong? lets Start from there and not all these tales of a sky wizard by the moonlight.
  16. pingulitto

    Come tusengenye mtu...

    hii nagonga namwaga hadi zile hazijaiva...
  17. pingulitto

    Victoria Beckham in Kenya

    uyo soldier kwa solar amekauka mdomo izo maji zote zikiwa displayed apo?