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  1. Rayfoosana

    You who has a partner from another tribe...

    If you're dicking her right that's what she's talking about over the phone... Or if you aren't
  2. Rayfoosana

    Decent Accommodation In Nairobi CBD

    Hope that One Like your comment got cured your erectile dysfunction.
  3. Rayfoosana

    Decent Accommodation In Nairobi CBD

    Any leads for a decent enough place I can direct some relatives to? In CBD since they travel early Sunday morning. Budget about 2,500. Just hot shower needed, no breakfast. Recommendations?
  4. Rayfoosana

    What happened to sagini?

    Late post... But at some point when he was sick, he needed 3k for treatment and the great Khaligraph who was mourning him all over the internet refused to send the money to pay up.
  5. Rayfoosana

    Who knows this place.....

    Lies. This is Sommerset / Sommer before it was "refurbished" a while back
  6. Rayfoosana

    Ulevi Sacco: After Party Saturday

    Jikonis Nakuru
  7. Rayfoosana


  8. Rayfoosana

    Ulevi Sacco: Friday Party

    Managu o'clock first before all else.
  9. Rayfoosana

    18+ Sofia Joy Brothel

    Nice review but huko ni mbali. Huku juu kuna options pia.
  10. Rayfoosana

    18+ Wamlambez wamnyonyiz,

  11. Rayfoosana

    In Town, CBD - About to happen

    Care Guest House. 2,000. 500 imebaki enda ukule supper. Ask the soulja who's around. Or go to the top most floor and make a pick. Hot shower available too .
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  13. Rayfoosana

    PA System & Events Business

    You are right. There are lot of calculations that goes with speaker boxes for optimum performance. My advice would be you just buy ready made speakers. Avoid luthuli crooks...go to credible sounds Moi avenue or it's two branches at luthuli Thanks a lot. The list is what I got from Credible Sounds
  14. Rayfoosana

    Worst mistake

    Asante kwa heads up
  15. Rayfoosana


    GOMAD stands for a gallon of milk a day... Just drink a gallon of whole milk a day on top of eating multiple meals a day and lifting heavy.
  16. Rayfoosana

    Ulevi Sacco: Sunday School

    Breakfast kwanza. Sunday ni polite tu... Herb, reggae, sports
  17. Rayfoosana

    Explicit Slay queen in a bar

    With a sheath on this looks like one hearty meal.
  18. Rayfoosana

    Mboyshaud Under Sieke

    It was trending earlier this week
  19. Rayfoosana

    stress za kupeleka kunguru majuu

    I don't "support" suicide but I sorta understand why some people do it... This shouldn't be one of the reasons to! Should've left the lady huko arudi home (Zimbabwe)
  20. Rayfoosana


    Kwa microwave. Wewe?