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    Ann Mwaura (osha macho)

    If you are a Kenyan rock fan then you must know Ann Mwaura, she hosts the Fuse on Capital FM. Developed a thing for her since I heard her voice on that show. Juzi alituosha macho kiasi apo YouTube when she was trying out cupping. Eneyewe that Indian guy was lucky. Huyu nikipata nikuingia hivohivo
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    Toti wa junior KTN (Proof it wasn't her)

    A video went viral last week claiming to reveal Toti having sex. After investigating thoroughly I found the actual lady in the video and she is not even Kenyan like most here claimed. Just go to xvideos and search TEAMSTEE and you will see the various videos the lady in question has starred in...
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    westlands massage spa

    Anyone know about the massage spa along Westlands Avenue. Was woken up this morning by their instagram post about some Ethiopian model they have. Really tempted to go since I love them Ethiopian girls
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    online journeys ( kunguru)

    So, was feeling a bit thirsty so I went online kutafuta msupa. Nikapata the mrembo pictured below akaniambia yuko SJ nikuje. The moment akaniambia SJ nikauliza anataka ngapi. When I had the offer was 500 inclusive of room na kukula vitu I have to admit I was very tempted kuenda. Nikaamua let me...
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    'Dating' a kunguru

    So I met this young lady on a dating site sometime back. We agreed on a price (of course as a kenyan I negotiated to the lowest possible price). After doing thorough investigation work on her via the net that would put the CSI crew to shame, I invited her to my place. The lady came in some...