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    Two enough men or two men enough

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    Ogopa Mchina My Friend! China Sends 100,000 Ducks to End Locust Menace

    Chinese authorities have dispatched 100,000 ducks to fight the locust menace and hopefully end it once and for all.
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    Echesa equiptment were for DP Ruto; COUP

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    Moses Kuria Arrested

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    Moses Kuria on twirra streets

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    First lesson 2020

    'Kunguru hafugiki'
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    David Ndii is overated

    His interview with Ann Kiguta was full of nothing ' you cant' 'it's impossible'. Makes me wonder what is he useful for? If that grammar is correct!
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    Sure condoms recalled due to quality concerns

    Be true, these rubbers will kill us one day
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    Is Ruto being judged harshly?

    Mr Ruto has come under fire for allegedly speaking from both sides of the mouth when it comes to championing the government's development agenda and appearing to kick off early campaigns for his bid to be the next president of Kenya.
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    Not an Inch Less

    The bottom line is that Kenya and Somalia are intertwined and need one another.
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    Kitui Hospital Closed Indefinitely Over Threatening Leaflets

    Kyuso Level Four hospital in Mwingi North, Kitui County, has been closed down indefinitely after fears of insecurity were reported in the facility.
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    How ODM has neglected ailing Norman Magaya

    According to ODM's Deputy Communications Director, Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe, Raila Odinga directed that Magaya needed to be attended to as a top priority.
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    How Marianne Kitany's pudesh saved Waiguru impeachment. Ruto is a scam

    Revealing the details before a Magistrate Court, Linturi’s estranged wife Maryanne Kitany said that she was in the company of Linturi at Sopa Lodges in Naivasha.
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    The real mizigo is corruption, greedy MPigs, and Thieving governors