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    18+ Angalia mguu and new hairstyles

    Serious photoshop going on. no way those tiny waist can support that humongus ass. Nature balances. Get them in video for us to believe.
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    Ladies, don't confuse guys who want to f**k you with guys who are interested in a serious relationship.

    Most girls in their early twenty dont want to get married. They want fun. . parties, sex booz,cash and attention. They start getting serious after 25yrs. young boys want sex. The parties they throw,promises they make,cash and attention they give is geared towards sex. What matters is the...
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    Porn should be banned

    Avoid porn. Avoid masturbation and start enjoying life! Am not here to judge anyone,but good old traditional sex is the best. When you start experimenting the 'frontiers' of pervasive sex like anal where is the boundary for that kind of fetish? Bondage sex? pain sex..rape simulation. Watching...
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    Porn should be banned

    Porn is toxic. when you stop watching porn,your sex drive goes up.The act itself becames sensual and you feel connected to your partner. you become more 'alive' active in looking for girls or potential mates. your thoughts become 'cleaner' Its even better when you dont masturbate. The benefits...
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    question... If you're not married by 28, are you destined to marry a single mother?

    This is actually one of the best answers. Usually one gets their first major job at 27-30. Life will be very cruel if you marry without a Job. Sota ujue tabia ya mkeo. However pple from western marry young, coz they can comfortably leave their wives with their parents and hustle in Nairobi...
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    I want a Ugandan man

    Hi @Lola. please send me the video. hawajaniweka telegram
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    Telegram - Team Mafisi

    Hi uwesmake. you are a legend to nv. add me to team mafisi group. @liam