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    Yamaha XJ6 600cc

    Hi who knows how to calculate import tax and port charges for the above motorcycle year 2012 cif approximately 360k
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    Immigration to New Zealand

    Ladies and gentlemen good evening been researching about NZ and am amazed any ktalker there who might point me in the right direction iwe ni shule masters au phd (hope kuna scholarships ) au kazi hata kama ni kym am willing to toil 254 has not been kind to me
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    Wazito na wazitoress how do i go about looking for scholarships to further my studies niko na kiu ya masomo any websites links will be appreciated
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    Washika dau na washikwa dau hamjamboni. Kindly could someone assist me in knowing how i can relocate to Australia/Canada the best way the worst way the most common way