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    Has a trainer in Nairobi ever helped you actually get fit?

    I frequent the gym and often observe the character of a lot of the trainers we have in this country. More often than not, they are these sickly looking men with feminine traits that don't seem to have a command of what a gym is used for. They are often focused on socializing and/or supplicating...
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    MGTOW in the Kenyan Context

    Before you go in on me about being westernized etc, hear me out. I understand that the MGTOW acronym is an idea that comes from Western thought. But I feel as though the philosophy is not new to us because we share a lot of the same male-female struggles globally especially today in this global...
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    Kenya is lacking spiritually

    Corruption (even at very low levels); 'team mafisi' culture; 'lamba lolo'/wamnyonyez - type crap; always chasing the worst of western ideals; exploiting religion; idolizing politicians who do nothing for us; idolizing money etc. These are a few of Kenya's favorite things and sometimes I wonder...