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  1. Njamba Huthu


    Hambari zenu ?
  2. Njamba Huthu

    how ave u been???

    Na ni amenimiss ??? Ave been away adding some weight .. Halo vipi ??
  3. Njamba Huthu

    pliz like my facebook page

    I need more followers just send your requests hapa........Mkundu Mtamu mbaya!!!!! Its a closed group..am waiting for u there asap... @junkie na jeshi
  4. Njamba Huthu

    how ave u been you cunts. ???

  5. Njamba Huthu

    my first encounter with a man & his wife...

    .. stay tuned for a horryfying tale........am back now....
  6. Njamba Huthu

    job vacancy..

    Just terminated two waiters from their job. Apparently they've been colluding with an unknown scumbag....to sneak in cheap liqour in my joint ( lakini si huyu scumbag wa buxton.. wa hii kijiji). . Ksh 350 aday ndio ataanzia... kama yuko na extra ASSets... am willing kuanzia 450 a day....... ...
  7. Njamba Huthu

    EXCUSE ME ..........

    Been out of town for a while... and after going through some threads, i will make an official announcement....... pokeeni salamu za Juba...
  8. Njamba Huthu


    Cut the chase. Admit you were sodomized. Only then your healing wud begin. I admited to my guilt back in 2005, mend my ways and regained my appetite for women. My last escapade with a man isnt even worth sharing. A lady approached me for my services. " teach his hubby a lesson aone kama...
  9. Njamba Huthu

    @uwesmake.... aka kimilili..

    Guok....... iwinjo..?
  10. Njamba Huthu

    this morning i beat the living hell.....

    out of my 13yr old son and disowned him... found him all dressed up like a gal with make up all over..... ave no apologies to make.. mamake lazma aniambie alitoa wapi hio mbegu..
  11. Njamba Huthu

    att.. moderator.. mundu mulosi aka mundu bullshit (Bs)

    nitajie tofauti 3 kati ya avatar yangu ile uling'oa jana na hii ya @uncle nyam.. ?????
  12. Njamba Huthu

    press pass....on NTV...

    shameless over glorified unpatriotic journalists..
  13. Njamba Huthu

    niko na jipu kwa matako......

    where can i have it cut off ? (in msa).. ..
  14. Njamba Huthu


    tonight is the night..am tired of your games.. tonight you will..........
  15. Njamba Huthu

    Nugu mzee W.T.F ?????

    umeanza kuwa d*ck-head ? kubaff.. where has my thread disappeared to ? di
  16. Njamba Huthu

    excuse me...............

    i did not join this forum to be insulted... am not a faggot... mumesikia ??? micuuuuuuuuuundu yenu....
  17. Njamba Huthu

    Ice cream....

    am havin some italian ice cream... feel free to join..theres plenty............. good to see some old listers around this village..
  18. Njamba Huthu

    my best friend..

    on saturday, my best friend suggested that we try a threesome with my galfriend.... what cud have made him come with such a proposal ? cud he be seeing her behind my back ? am all confused coz had plans with this chic...(marriage)
  19. Njamba Huthu

    Am new in this forum..

    any klisters around ??