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  1. weed

    Ndio hawa wale machinku udishy popo banae

    Used to ask the same questions till i learned it's a $76B industry huko china
  2. weed

    This Kenyan Betting site charges not Tax at all

    @admin ngoa hii thread... Sisi gamblers tutaumia wakianza kukata tax
  3. weed

    Supercup official thread

    Ukiwekelea nitag niwekelee pia.
  4. weed

    Importation Business

    ukipata info uniambie pia...yangu ni ya spare parts.
  5. weed

    This is Guka - Guka Predicts....

    even my cat knows this..the police and the army are no longer supporting him
  6. weed

    Current Nairobi University VC has brought peace to the troubled campus

    they expelled quite a good number of SONU officials in 2017. secondly, SONU chairman is no longer elected by the students.
  7. weed

    Murkomen to become Saint after donation ( DP very Happy)

    si umesema 10k ...biz ya kesho
  8. weed

    Murkomen to become Saint after donation ( DP very Happy)

    Nikujie machine kama hiyo na 10k?
  9. weed

    18+ Harry Kimani.. Sad

    leta picha
  10. weed

    MWK behaving badly (or was it me?)

    Actually kuna madem wako hivyo... went out with this chic a couple of times na alikuwa anachukua pesa yangu ovyo ovyo... Bill inacome,unalipa Na thousands waiter akirudi anachukua change na anaeka kwa mfuko. The most bizarre moments came when she graduated from pocketing my change to picking a...
  11. weed

    sabina joy

    Lol.. Uwongo..
  12. weed

    Uhuru heckled

    Hii kijiji hatutapumua tena juu ya upuzi kama hii..
  13. weed

    Effect Ya Kurudiwa

    Lakini 2007 baba alishinda
  14. weed

    Transfer deadline day- Thread

    Conte hardly changes his starting 11 once everything clicks... So kama player unaeza uma bench vibaya Sana
  15. weed

    I'm a father again to a healthy baby boy.

    All this time I pictured you as a senior bachelor, guess I was wrong. Congratulations though
  16. weed

    Dormant members.f**k you

    @screwplus brare.. Unanimalizia bundles zangu na hizo gifs... Kuwa mpole..
  17. weed

    Amicus Sinatra Sumarae

    Ebu lete handle yake faster faster...
  18. weed

    life: the good, the bad & the hope for better

    2016 ilikuwa to last year so umejaribu kaka...u've got an incredible wife if she didn't belittle you during that period...
  19. weed

    Coffee export business

    If you need muscle men don't hesitate to contact me.