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  1. Mchuna

    Savings Plan of 5k/pm

    Hi guys, Say you really want to follow thru that new year resolution and be saving 5k every month...and no more(so birrionaires mkae kando) Which options are available and does anyone have solid info about MAkiba?
  2. Mchuna

    Hosting Windows Apps

    Hi, Anyone who can direct me to a reliable host for Windows applications....say Asp.net and such.
  3. Mchuna


    Any villager in this little town or on the way? Weka stump, tupatane incognito then nikiona wee ni Alfa tuchune simba pamoja.
  4. Mchuna


    Is it a worldwide phenomenal ama ni hii Kenya tu? Women seems to be on a very high and heavy rotation. Anywhere you go in this city and 2 or more men are seated then spot a lady high chances are that wamesalimiana or know someone mwenye amekamua. Worse still ni leakage kwa kijiji ama ile nyumba...
  5. Mchuna


    Is it by design or pure coincidence that this village is driving a certain agenda that also perpetuated to the general public? HATE the President and link him to every inefficiency of this government. I suspect the village has been taken over by clandestine GOK operatives spearheading mass...
  6. Mchuna

    Weekend Playlist

  7. Mchuna

    Joomla Vs WordPress

    Which would you recommend for an institution/School website?
  8. Mchuna

    Best PayTV, sina internet.

    This question has been asked several times but degenerates to IPtv, madboro, fire sticks and shiet. What's the best PayTV i can get, eg gotv, startimes,azam,zuku....
  9. Mchuna

    Food for bones

    What foods/fruits/recipie would you recommend for someone who recently broke his legs and is recovering?
  10. Mchuna


    Married-No Known Baby mamas-8 Known Kids-8 Regally support-2
  11. Mchuna

    Dose a.k.a P.E.P

    As fate may have it and most of you sissies won't admit, you've had to undergo this sacred self preservation ritual. My beef is, what are the actual non-documented side effects of this shiet.Ukimaliza the 30 days you get horny like a bull and end up in the same hole as before. That's after...
  12. Mchuna

    Pyramids and Aliens

    Over the weekend, i found some conspiracy YouTube video of pyramids and Aliens that really fascinated me. Anyone who can direct me to some texts of documentaries concerning the same?
  13. Mchuna

    Explicit Rape Case

    Has anyone here ever been accused of rape and turned out to be false or knew that it was false despite the accusations? Would like to know the steps you took or can take in such a case. Put in mind the accuser has already filed OB but no arrests or summons made, has obtained medical checks and...
  14. Mchuna

    Root HTC Desire 10 pro

    Who has successfully root said device? Watu wanukishe kitunguu...
  15. Mchuna


    Is this story related to this thread?https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/bag-secured-monaco-tunasija.108902/page-15 Or rather the infamous KUNYI Brigade?
  16. Mchuna

    Mziki za Ocha

    Let's do this..
  17. Mchuna

    WWYD? 100K Challenge

    You have 100,000 now, need 150,000 in less than 6months. What are your options to get 50k from 100k in 6 months?
  18. Mchuna

    Motorbike Customs

    Untill you become a biker you never know how sweet these two wheelers are. Is there anyone here whore customizes motorbikes or can lead me to one?
  19. Mchuna

    420:The missing clock.

    It's now one week since i ran out of stock,no one seems to have any or want to share.All plugs have gone underground. This is what broke the camel's back.The scarcity of this precious commodity will have catastrophic consequences. Can the authority kindly allow people to enjoy their things!
  20. Mchuna

    Arabic Language

    This is rather a knowledge question more than a faith one. I have not practiced any religion in all my adult life, infact last time i attended a church was when i was lower primary. After interacting with several religions am interested in learning Arabic as i slowly gravitate towards...