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  1. anonymous60

    jubilee kumira kumira

    Really now and they couldn't tell us why they themselves raised their pension by 700 percent.Pot bellied hyenas
  2. anonymous60


  3. anonymous60

    Ndani Ndaaaani Ndani!.....Mpaka Settings

    Coz they getting paid haiyaa uko kenya mami?
  4. anonymous60

    men with broad shoulders

    Mbirrionaires cant relate but nani wamedarwa darwa miguu na si coz mmefinyana ..for the ladies cant complain but kuna wanaume wajinga sana kenya hii nkt
  5. anonymous60

    Horny during ovulation

    That explains alot ..i thought ni personality disorder i also thought married women were all about loyalty..mmh will def do a test
  6. anonymous60

    18+ Making the move

    bad move but if she likes you doesnt matter what moves you make ata kama ni turn off hes gonna hit that ..but if she doesnt ata uende mars ukuje na ka meteorite iyo hupewi unless of course she can do anything for that gold
  7. anonymous60

    Goat Feeding on Another Goat in Garissa

    Cows and goats passing by be like shit ma! look at that cannibal
  8. anonymous60

    18+ Camera porn

    been there done that but ni hard siku hizi lanyes hukagua room vizuri akingia ..ukiona akiangalia kila mahali b4 apeane si room ana admire zii
  9. anonymous60

    Minister of water south sudan

    Before cliche DFHKMBLB.. ianze kutumiwa klost
  10. anonymous60

    Distell buys out Centum-KWAL

    Washatoboa Diageo ya s.a si ndiyo majority holder EABL
  11. anonymous60

    Alikuwa ameenda exile eastlando but wembe ni ule ule

    iyo avatar yako si inafanana na yeye
  12. anonymous60

    Family monthly budget

    weeh 10k per month!! naona nikianzisha thread ingine ya kuongesea bibi budget
  13. anonymous60

    Pokos hold demo in 001

    Wth!The one who took the pic must be a woman
  14. anonymous60

    dear elders advice me.

    what i would advice ni dont quit..people quit after they have had a successful biz not before unasema ati employer ni frustrating ngoja uquit alafu iyo biz iback fire ndo utajua frustration ni nini.. my point chora biz plans kadhaa ata kama ni biz ndogo i.e groceries electonics butcheries employ...
  15. anonymous60

    My son was a petty thief

    yea una imagine angewachiliwa by the time afike 40 angekuwa na maprotege wangapi na vifo ngapi?
  16. anonymous60

    Picture of Cop who killed 17yr old gangster in Eastleigh. Hero or villain?

    Aai apana kuongezea more guns in our socities is not the solution iyo itasolve issue ya security in gated communities only but what about the ghettos watu watakuwa wakisota alafu wanaloan out their arms to the same thugs.solution hapa ni death penalty irudishwe asap washughulikiwe in less than 6...
  17. anonymous60

    Mike Sonko's April fools Prank.. SMH

    lets play a game kila time atasema wow!! capa shot na si ya sj